Video shows son of Hollywood boss throwing alleged wife’s body into trash can


Video shows son of Hollywood boss throwing alleged body in trash bin (Photo: Reproduction/ Facebook)

Samuel Haskell Jr., son of a major Hollywood executive, was caught on camera throwing a body into a dumpster. He is accused of having murdered his wife, Mei Li Haskell, and his in-laws Yanxiang Wang, aged 64, and Gaoshan Li, aged 71. In the video released by TMZ this Tuesday (14), the man appeared to stop his car in a parking lot to dump the torso of a woman, who investigators believe is Mei.

He went to the trunk of the vehicle to remove a large, heavy black trash bag. Samuel then puts the bag on his shoulder and goes to a nearby trash can. According to the publication, this would be the same place near the accused’s house where a homeless man found the remains of a person. As soon as this happened, police officers went to the area and arrested Samuel hours later. See the video below:

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Samuel was also seen on his neighbors’ security cameras taking large bags of trash – similar to the one he threw in the parking lot – to a truck. He would have had the help of some men, who would have been hired to do this work. To NBC4, one of these workers revealed that the contractor said there were stones in the bags, but they found them suspicious because the contents were soft and mushy.

They got out and drove a block when they decided to open the bags. It was at this point that they found several body parts, including a belly button. The workers returned to Haskell’s home, placed the bags in the garage and returned payment. After that, they went to the police.

Suspicions that Haskell was the killer increased after police officers found bloodstains on the front door of his house and on the ceiling of the property. Agents also searched for Samuel and Mei’s three children, but they were found safe. As it has not yet been determined whose torso was found, the accused’s wife and his in-laws are reported missing.

Samuel is 35 years old and the son of Sam Haskell III, a veteran talent agent and film producer who has worked with big names, including Dolly Parton. In 2019, he produced a Netflix series inspired by the country star’s songs.

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