Flight attendant almost kicks out woman who sang on flight because ‘God asked’; look


Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm was almost kicked off a flight for annoying a flight attendant by singing non-stop because ‘God asked’. The scene was shared by herself on social media.

According to the images, she appears standing and arguing with the professional. The crew member repeatedly asks the woman to sit down and be quiet, until she finally complies.

After sitting down, Bobbi went on to address the passengers to say that she discovered that she had been nominated for two Grammy awards. O New York Times revealed that these nominations were for his participation with the group Maverick City Music for ‘Best Gospel Album’ and ‘Best Performance/Contemporary Christian Music’.

The singer continued interacting with the tickets, until the flight attendant asked her to stop again, but to no avail. When he walked away, the singer announced that she would play her song very ‘quietly’ to the crowd.

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In one of the videos posted on her Instagram profile, Bobbi Storm said that she had sung on many flights before and that God called her to sing on this recent one. At one point, she announced that “it was time to continue my mission” and began to sing.

The airline responsible, Delta, said in a statement that “for safety”, it is “always important to follow the instructions of the crew”.

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