Horoscope of the day: discover what your sign reveals for today, Wednesday (8/11) – Zoeira

Horoscope of the day: discover what your sign reveals for today, Wednesday (8/11) – Zoeira
Horoscope of the day: discover what your sign reveals for today, Wednesday (8/11) – Zoeira

Venus, the brightest goddess in the night sky, arrives in the sign of Libra and remains until 12/04. Until then, Venus remains at home, enhancing meetings, relationships and finances. It is possible for agreements to happen in the best way, after all, the scales oscillate between your point of view and the other’s point of view, until they stabilize at a point of balance. The planet Venus is fertile, receptive, harmonious and full of beauty. Without him life would be sad.

Heaven offers the best setting for love, strengthening bonds and reconciliation. Take advantage of this period to balance your finances and focus on the gifts associated with aesthetics and diplomacy. Don’t put yourself in the background, after all, the north node is in the sign of Aries and invites you to pursue your goals, at the same time, it is necessary to recognize that you do almost nothing alone in this life.


Until 12/4, Venus will transit through Libra, favoring agreements and negotiations, and of course, at this stage you will feel more attracted to your partner or open to dating, wanting to live as a couple. Value those who are by your side. Love and allow yourself to be loved.


Starting today, Venus arrives in Libra and will stay there until 4/12, which means more harmony and organization in your routine and perhaps even at work. The idea is that you make everyday space as pleasant as possible and find ways to produce with pleasure. Take care of your health.


On the 8th, Venus moves into the sign of Libra, until the 4/12, shaking up your love life and your creativity. Value your way of being, exercise your creativity. You will be living a fertile period on all levels.


Today, Venus brings a little magic into your intimate life. Until 4/12, she will be in Libra, asking for balance and peace in your home or family relationships. Take the opportunity to take better care of your home or create a cozy corner for yourself.


Venus arrives in Libra, illuminating your communication and bringing harmony to your social life. He takes the opportunity to interact with lightness and diplomacy, discover new places, interact with his relatives, brothers and neighbors. All of this will awaken his emotional side.


Starting today, with Venus entering Libra, the energy turns to your financial life. Recognize your efforts and value your resources. Are you thinking about investing? Take the opportunity to study the best options. How is your relationship with pleasure and sustenance?


Venus enters Libra, and then it’s her time to shine. Open your heart to understand how important self-love is. Take the opportunity to put yourself first, whether at work or in your personal life. Take care of your body, your appearance. Be prepared for compliments.


Venus in Libra brings a greater connection with inner desires, and perhaps a need to find something that renews the meaning of life within you. By December, you are completing a stage. Eliminate what brings discomfort and look for practices that will help you with your internal organization.


Furthermore, from the 8th, Venus arrives in Libra, further activating your power of persuasion and connecting you with the right people. I imagine that, by December, you may receive an invitation to organize an important project or have the opportunity to spread your ideas to more people.


Venus will transit through Libra, putting your image and competence in evidence. Until December, take the opportunity to launch services and products, or think about how you can position yourself in the meeting room. Everything indicates that you will be noticed in the best way. Harmonize with people who are part of your life today and who you want to be with you in the future.


Between 11/8 and 12/4, Venus will transit through Libra, and this is always an injection of luck and new paths in your life. It’s time to think about expanding your horizons! It will be a good time to get closer to people who will enrich your work or fall in love with someone who comes from far away.


Between 11/8 and 12/4, Venus will transit through Libra, take advantage of the period in which your power of seduction is even more heightened and harmonize your desires. He welcomes his sorrows, as the goddess of love will alleviate some of the internal pressures.

*Julianna Formiga is an astrologer, path therapist, teacher and journalist. She attends and teaches courses, lectures and self-knowledge games for companies and schools. Master in Media Semiotics and Reiki, in addition to being a Holistic Therapist, she developed the Cartography of the Soul with the aim of guiding the paths of those seeking to align their being and doing in the world.

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