Earth and Passion schedule today (08/11): soap opera starts earlier


The soap opera “Terra e Paixão” will have its schedule changed this Wednesday, 8th, due to football and will start earlier than usual. The showing of yet another match from the Brazilian Championship changes not only the beginning of the nine o’clock serial, but Globo’s entire schedule of new plots. The schedule returns to normal tomorrow.

What time does Terra e Paixão start today?

Terra e Paixão today starts at 8:35 pm, Brasília time, right after “Jornal Nacional”. The chapter will only be 45 minutes long, followed by the broadcast of the game between Flamengo and Palmeiras. This week, there will be no changes to the schedule on any other day.

This Wednesday’s chapter shows whether Vinícius dies in the soap opera, as Antônio shoots the geologist in the chest and orders his henchmen to throw the boy’s body into the river. When he is found by the police, the powerful man mocks and says he was hunting wild boar.

Another point that will be shown is whether Angelina dies, as Irene attacks the housekeeper, who is saved by Luigi. The madam and the farmer will also have a big argument, but the Italian, Caio and Ademir will intervene to calm them both down. The vixen will declare war on her husband.

A big secret will also be discovered by Anely in today’s chapter of Terra e Paixão. Nina will comment to Lucinda’s sister that she found a conversation she overheard between Hélio and Agatha strange, leaving Queen Delícia even more suspicious.

Tatá Werneck’s character will be hot on their heels and will hear a new conversation, and this time she will discover the relationship between the two. It will be up to Hélio to try to convince the Italian’s girlfriend that everything is just a misunderstanding.

Today’s chapter ends with Jurecê meeting Vinícius on the riverbank. Incredible as it may seem, the geologist survives the attack and is taken to the village.

The plot enters the final stretch starting in the next few weeks, as the date of when Terra e Paixão ends has already been defined. The serial will go offline in January 2024.

Vinicius 2
Vinícius (Paulo Rocha) survives the attack – photo: reproduction/rede globo

“All the Flowers” opening hours

The showing of the Brazilian Championship match also changes the start times of the network’s other soap operas. From “Elas por Elas”, everyone on the grid undergoes changes. With “Fuzuê” starting at 7:15 pm, Jornal Nacional starts earlier, at 8 pm, and stays on air for just 35 minutes.

After “Land and Passion”, the dispute starts at 9:20 pm and runs until 11:30 pm. Globo also broadcasts “Segue o Jogo”, presented by Lucas Gutierrez, which reflects football matches through memes, large images from the round and even stickers from social media. Comments and analyzes are provided by Paulo Nunes.

Therefore, “Todas as Flores” starts only at 11:45 pm, with a 50-minute episode. Today, Luís Felipe ends up on the farm after being kidnapped by the human trafficking gang, where he will meet Diego again. Together, they will begin to devise strategies to dismantle the scheme.

It will also be the end of the line for Débora. The villain will fall into an ambush set by Zoé and will be murdered by the rogue, who will be discovered. The scammer will be captured along with Garcia and Galo, but, contrary to what she imagined, she will be exalted by Mondego, who will promote her to a higher position in the organization.

National Newspaper: 8pm, Brasília time
Earth and Passion: 8:35 p.m.
Soccer: 9:20 p.m.
Follow the game: 11:30 p.m.
All Flowers: 11:45 p.m.

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