Globo plummets and loses 23% of audience with disorganized Multishow awards


In yet another move to integrate the vehicles of its conglomerate, Globo decided to take the Multishow Award to another one of its platforms this year: acclaimed by the pay television audience for almost three decades and well received on social media, the event gained a opportunity in the programming of the country’s main open broadcaster. The network’s viewers, however, didn’t like what they saw. In a year marked by widespread chaos and amateur technical and production errors, the awards did not please a large part of the network’s audience.

The consolidated audience data for Greater São Paulo, obtained by the Pop TV with market sources, point out that the retransmission of the 2023 Multishow Award recorded an average of 9.7 points on Globo. The number, despite being higher than that recorded by most programs from competing broadcasters, is bad by the standards of the country’s main channel, which usually has averages above 10 points in the range filled by the awards show, which was shown by the network between 11:14 pm and 0:54 am, at a time usually occupied by Todas as Flores and Profissão Repórter.

Everything you need to know

  • On the rise, Terra e Paixão had the best performance in its historywith an average of 29.8 and a peak of 31.0;
  • Once unbeatable in the 6am range, First edition of Primeiro Impacto lost again to Balanço Geral Manhãby 1.8 to 1.9 points;
  • On football day at SBT, Jornal da Band (4.8) once again surpassed the entire Silvio Santos channel;
  • Now aired liveo, Ultra Show (0.6) reversed its downward trend and returned to growth.

In comparison with the index obtained by Globo on the last four Tuesdays in the same time slot, Globo saw its indexes shrink by 23% with the retransmission of the musical event, which did not even manage to benefit from the good ratings left by Todas as Flores, which had its second best performance on this day of the week, with an average of 20.9. Three weeks ago, the track had an average of 14 points with the Globoplay soap opera and the Caco Barcellos journalistic — the music awards only registered this in its first minute of airing, still with the serial’s audience.

Even with the poor ratings and criticism for the amateur production, which credited Simone Mendes as Simone Queiroz when presenting a trophy, the first edition of the Multishow Awards with the Globo window was well evaluated internally. The broadcaster saw the award numbers as mostly positive, since the event monopolized attention on social media and, despite its poor performance, it was the isolated leader of Ibope throughout its run, even during the clash with A Fazenda. Furthermore, the award ceremony was a commercial success, with all quotas sold.

Multishow Award did not please open TV audiences

  • Showing times: from 11:14 pm to 0:54 am;
  • 9.7 average points, 17.3 peak and 26.7% share;
  • Absolute leader, with a 33% advantage from streaming (7.3);
  • Drop of 23% compared to the last four Tuesdays;
  • It amazed 6 out of every 10 Globo viewers throughout its run.

Check out the audiences obtained by the attractions on the main TV channels this Tuesday (7):

AVERAGE 24h 11.4
Good morning SP 8.8
Good morning Brazil 8.6
Meeting with Patrícia Poeta 7.1
More you 7.1
SP1 9.5
Globe Sports 10.0
Newspaper Today 10.8
Sand women 12.9
Afternoon Session: The Ice Age 10.4
Worth Watching Again: Women in Love 14.5
They for Them 16.0
SP2 19.5
Fuzuê 20.1
National Newspaper 25.0
Earth and Passion 29.8
All the Flowers 20.9
Multishow Award 2023 9.7
Globo newspaper 6.4
Conversation with Bial 4.9
Fuzuê (representation) 4.1
Comedy at Dawn: Vai Que Cola 3.8
Hour 1 4.9
AVERAGE 24h 4.4
Morning General Balance 1.9
Morning General Balance II 2.4
General Balance Morning SP 2.9
Speak Brazil 3.3
Nowadays 3.8
SP General Balance 6.2
Universal Church 7.3
SP General Balance 6.3
The Promised Land 6.1
City Alert 5.0
City Alert II 4.6
City Alert III 6.2
City Alert SP 8.2
Record newspaper 8.3
Kings 6.0
When Calls the Heart 4.6
The Farm 15 6.8
Record newspaper 24h 3.5
Speaks, I hear you 0.9
Universal Church 0.3
Dawn General Balance 0.7
AVERAGE 24h 2.7
First Impact 1.8
First Impact 2nd Edition 2.1
Chiquititas 2.6
Gossiping 2.0
The Cat 2.6
Champions: Milan x Paris Saint-Germain 3.8
A Haven for Love 4.2
SBT Brasil 4.2
The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet 4.1
Accomplices to a Rescue 3.9
Mouse Program 4.2
Cine Spectacular: The 2 Billion Dollar Suit 3.6
The Night 2.9
Operation Mosque 2.1
SBT News on TV 1.7
AVERAGE 24h 1.6
Awaken Brazil 0.2
Let’s go Brazil SP 0.3
Let’s go Brazil 0.2
The Chef with Edu Guedes 0.4
Open game 1.8
SP Open Game 3.3
The Owners of the Ball 2.2
Best of the Afternoon 1.0
Brazil Urgent 3.0
Brasil Urgente SP 4.5
Band Newspaper 4.8
Best of the Night 2.1
Perrengue of the Day 1.6
MasterChef Professionals 5 1.8
Night news 0.8
What End Did It Take? 1.0
Total Sport 0.8
Band document (resubmission) 0.4
+info 0.3
Jornal da Band (representation) 0.4
BandNews Newspaper – First Newspaper 0.3
AVERAGE 24h 0.3
Church of Grace 0.1
Pakaraka gang 0.0
Ronnie SP’s morning 0.1
Ronnie’s Morning 0.3
I’ll tell you 0.3
Breaking the Bank 0.1
Zap Time (representation) 0.0
Live Time 0.0
Universal Church 0.0
The Afternoon is Yours 1.0
Universal Church 0.4
A Luxury to Dream 0.3
Action Time 0.2
TV network! News 0.3
Show of Faith 0.1
TV Fame 0.9
UltraShow 0.6
NFL Show 0.2
Dynamic reading 0.3
Sensational (representation) 0.2
Church of Grace 0.1

Each point represents 76,953 households and 206,674 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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