Ivete Sangalo criticized on show, loses patience and moment goes viral


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Camile Brito – Special for Uai

05/11/2023 12:25

Ivete Sangalo lost her patience during a performance in Aracaju this weekend. The artist was criticized for a party and responded loud and clear.

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The Bahian woman was performing the song ‘Poderosa’, when, from above the electric trio, she noticed a woman making a negative sign about her choice: “What did you say, my sister? She’s saying ‘this song is bad’, no, it’s wonderful. And I’ll tell you one thing: I’m going to sing it as many times as I want.”he said.

And he continued: “What a thing! A person takes a song like that and does this (thumbs down) to the song?! For God’s sake… The world is experiencing one of the worst wars we’ve ever seen. We’re here having a party, socializing and in the middle of the music, what does this person do for music? A good song like that… I’m going to sing it now with all my heart!”. Ivete Sangalo was applauded by the audience and continued with the presentation.

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