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Regina Duarte posts fake news about Nando Reis and is warned again by Instagram

Regina Duarte posts fake news about Nando Reis and is warned again by Instagram
Regina Duarte posts fake news about Nando Reis and is warned again by Instagram

Due to the publication of a fake contentthis time involving the singer Nando Reis, 60 years old, Regina Duarte, 76 years old, shared a manipulated video, showing alleged booing of the singer during his performance at Rock in Rio, in 2022.

The former actress published an edited video with the aim of highlighting alleged booing and shouting of “myth” against the singer during his performance at Rock in Rio 2022, after he expressed criticism of Jair Bolsonaro. The video became popular among supporters of the former presidentespecially after being shared by Duarte with the caption “myth”, a reference to the nickname often associated with the politician by his followers.

By flagging Duarte’s publication as misleadingInstagram emphasized that the video had already been verified as fake by “independent fact checkers”such as Lupa Agency. The platform highlighted that the recording in question did not originate from Rock in Rio, an event in which Reis didn’t even perform at the 2022 edition.

Furthermore, the social network emphasized that the audios containing boos to Reis and shouts of “myth” were inserted with the intention of creating the false impression that the artist had been hostile to everyone. However, although there was the warning, followers hallucinated in the comments.

In fact, Nando Reis’ performance took place at the festival Prime Rock Brazil, which took place in Belo Horizonte on July 16th last year. During this event, the singer took the stage alongside an indigenous leader, expressed his support for the cause of the original peoples and received both expressions of support and disapproval for his request to “out, Bolsonaro”, according to the fact agency -checking Magnifier.

The singer was critical of Bolsonaro’s administration and supported the manifesto “Act for Earth Against the Destruction Package”, which positions itself against the time frame of indigenous lands. This topic was debated and approved in Congress this year, but its main points were vetoed by President Lula, of the Workers’ Party (PT).

Nando Reis is notorious for not hiding his political convictions, which are firmly and committed to leftwith a firm commitment to defending the human rights.

It is not the first time

Regina Duarte shared false information at other times, receiving a Instagram warning. The platform has already issued a warning to anyone trying to follow the actress’ profile due to the frequent publications of “false information” on her part.

In his profile, Duarte has already questioned the veracity of the difficulties faced by the Yanomami people during Bolsonaro’s administration, disseminated incorrect information about the effectiveness of vaccines and raised unfounded doubts about the transparency of the Brazilian electoral process. Furthermore, he shared the same false information that motivated the riots in Brasília in the coup acts of January 8.

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