Tragedy in Land and Passion


Irene will go through a life or death situation after fighting with Antônio and Agatha inside her own house, in “Terra e Paixão”, on Globo

Irene (Gloria Pires) will experience a tragedy in “Terra e Paixão”, on TV Globo. After being humiliated by Antonio (Tony Ramos) It is Agatha (Eliane Giardini)the vixen will suffer an accident that will leave her between life and death.

The villain will go through a situation similar to the one Daniel (Johnny Massaro) went through at the beginning of the plot. She will be so angry that she will drive the car at high speed and have an accident, in scenes that will air on November 11th.

All the torment will begin when Antônio kills Irene’s lover, Vinícius (Paulo Rocha). The couple will exchange shots, but nothing serious will happen to either of them.


Antônio, after discovering that he was betrayed, will get engaged to Agatha inside the La Selva house, in “Terra e Paixão”. Petra’s mother (Débora Ozório) will be outraged by the situation and will attack her husband.

“What a pathetic scene, Antônio! You must be really desperate to publicly show how masculine you are… But it’s nothing! Doctor Antônio La Selva… Doctor of candongas! Doctor, no crap! Just look at how he lowered himself and displayed all his insignificance! But isn’t it? After being betrayed by his wife… The doctor killed my lover, believing that this would erase the eternal shame of a deceived husband…”, he will say.

Land and Paixão – Antônio announces who his successor will be, Aline corners Caio and Emmy falls hard when she sees Agatha

Land and Passion – Gentil takes revenge on Antônio, hands over a revolver to his ally and proposes a pact: “Do justice”

Agatha and Aline in Terra e Paixão (Photo: Reproduction / Globo / Montagem TV Foco)

Bomba em Terra e Paixão – Agatha shows her true colors and throws Aline in jail: “She shot Antônio”

Vinícius (Paulo Rocha) will die in
Vinícius (Paulo Rocha) will die in “Terra e Paixão” (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

“And as if that weren’t enough, he brings home his own lover… His beloved one… Also known as “the false deceased”… Who was once his wife, but who also betrayed him in the past… Do you remember that, Antônio?” , will continue.

After saying a few good things in the couple’s faces, Irene will take the car and leave La Selva’s bossy house crying. Luigi (Rainer Cadete) will try to stop his mother-in-law from doing something crazy, but it will be too late.


“Terra e Paixão” will come to an end in January 2024. In its place, the soap opera “Renascer” will air, which is a remake of the 1993 plot. Bruno Luperi adapted the text by his grandfather, Benedito Ruy Barbosa, as he did with “Pantanal” (2022).

Antônio La Selva (Tony Ramos) will make Irene's life hell in
Antônio La Selva (Tony Ramos) will make Irene’s life hell in “Terra e Paixão” (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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