Netflix: 6 films and series to watch on streaming in November

Netflix: 6 films and series to watch on streaming in November
Netflix: 6 films and series to watch on streaming in November

In November, Netflix is ​​prepared to surprise its audience with a wide variety of new content from the most diverse genres and formats. From adaptations of award-winning books to historical dramas, animations and exciting reality shows, the month promises to be full of releases that will capture subscribers’ attention.

With a combination of long-awaited productions and new surprises, check out the streaming platform’s November highlights below:

All the Light We Cannot See (November 2)

The series All the Light We Cannot See is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Anthony Doerr, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014. The plot unfolds in the context of World War II and follows the story of Marie-Laure LeBlanc, a young blind French woman, and Werner Pfennig, a German soldier.

Marie-Laure lives in Paris with her father, Daniel LeBlanc, and, due to the German invasion, they are forced to flee to Saint-Malo, taking with them a valuable diamond. At the same time, Werner is a technological prodigy specializing in radios and is recruited by the Nazi army to locate and eliminate resistance stations.

Although they are on opposite sides of the conflict, Marie-Laure and Werner’s destinies intersect in surprising ways. The production explores themes such as human resilience in times of war, the ability to find light and hope amid chaos, and the unlikely bonds that form in times of adversity.

The Killer (November 10)

The killer is a neo-noir action thriller film directed by David Fincher (Seven: The Seven Deadly Crimes) and inspired by the French comic book series written by Alexis Nolent. The plot follows a lone, calculating and merciless killer, played by Michael Fassbender (Prometheus), who after making a catastrophic mistake during a mission, finds himself at the center of an international manhunt.

Previously, he maintained a cold and methodical stance, but after the incident, he begins to distrust everyone around him, including those who hire him. The plot delves into his psychology as he loses control over his own thoughts. The cast also includes Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk About Kevin) and Brazilian actress Sophie Charlotte.

The Crown: Season 6 – Part 1 (November 16)

The first part of the sixth season of The Crownpromises to delve deeply into the landmark events of the British Royal Family in the late 1990s. The first four episodes portray the blossoming of the relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, culminating in a tragic car accident that had devastating consequences for the monarchy.

During this period, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, now divorced, spend separate holidays with their children. While Diana is wooed by the Fayeds in the south of France, enjoying luxurious yachts and movie nights, Charles maintains tradition at Balmoral.

Media coverage and paparazzi attention intensify, especially when Diana decides to return to see her children at Balmoral. The season also addresses the Royal Family’s and the public’s reaction to Diana and Dodi’s tragic accident, as well as the consequences that followed.

Scott Pilgrim: The Series (November 17)

Scott Pilgrim: The Series is the new anime adaptation of the popular comic series Scott Pilgrim. Inspired by Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels, which also gave rise to the 2010 live-action film Scott Pilgrim vs. the worldthe animation brings back iconic characters like Scott, played by Michael Ceraand Ramona Flowers, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The plot follows Scott Pilgrim on his love journey with the enigmatic Ramona Flowers. However, to win her heart, he must face and defeat her seven malevolent exes, each presenting unique challenges.

Round 6: The Challenge (November 22)

Round 6 – The Challenge is a Netflix reality competition show based on the acclaimed series Round 6. In this program, participants compete in various “games” inspired by the original series, such as “Batatinha Frita 1,2,3” and “Ponte de Cristal”, as well as new challenges, such as a game of “Human Naval Battle”.

The central plot of the reality show revolves around citizens with financial problems who are selected to participate in an intense survival game, in which they compete for a cash prize.

Virgin River: Season 5 – Part 2 (November 30)

After the intense events of the first part of the fifth season of virgin river, in which a devastating fire hits the city and Mel suffers a miscarriage, in the second part the plot will focus on Jack and Mel trying to discover the identity of her biological father. Additionally, there will be an annual Christmas tree lighting competition.

The producer, Patrick Sean Smith, mentioned that The second part episodes will have a lighter tone and will be set during the holiday season, aligning with the actual time of year.

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