Robbie Williams worries fans after losing a lot of weight


Robbie Williams recently acknowledged that he used medication to lose weight. The 49-year-old singer confessed to taking “something like” Ozempic to lose weight, and now fans are worried about his health after the former Take That star shared a video on Instagram of him wearing just a swim trunks, showing her indoor tanning session.

The singer was preparing to attend the launch of his Netflix documentary “Robbie Williams”.

But Williams’ fans were unhappy with his appearance, and many of them took to the comments section to say that he had “lost a lot of weight” and was “too skinny.” Others expressed concerns about their physical and mental health.

The singer has never hidden the fact that he spent years fighting binge eating and drug addiction and has now confessed that the use of an appetite suppressant caused him to lose a lot of weight. He joked in an interview with “The Times” that he needed the medication to lose weight as he was diagnosed with “self-loathing type 2”.

He said, “Honey, I’m taking Ozempic… well, something like Ozempic. It’s like a Christmas miracle (…) And I need it, clinically. I have been diagnosed with type 2 self-loathing. It is shockingly catastrophic for my mental health to be overweight. My inner voice talks to me like Katie Hopkins talks about fat people. It’s maddening,” she justified.

Uncovering sex life

Ayda Field, wife of Robbie Williams, had to clarify, in an interview, a comment the singer recently made about the couple’s intimate life. Last April, Williams joked that “there’s no sex after marriage,” but the 44-year-old actress assured fans that’s not the case.

In conversation with the English magazine Hello! Ayda said that although ‘carefree lovemaking’ has taken a backseat to parenting responsibilities, they are still intimate, contrary to what many people thought.

“We had this funny share that was in all the newspapers. It was more of an improvised joke and then we re-explained the joke and it became something else,” she explained.

Field commented that in addition to looking after her four children, Teddy, 10, Charlie, eight, Coco, four, and Beau, three, she also looks after her mother Gwen, who has Parkinson’s disease and lives with the family.

“But listen, I was 27 when I was with Rob. We have four children now. Different things take center stage. It’s not Ayda and Rob jumping up and down and ripping each other’s clothes off and staying up until 6am… Instead of just being about us, now it’s about other people too. It’s about four other little humans who are important and a mother who faces serious health problems that are part of my everyday life.”, she justified about her ‘leisure’ moments in the bedroom.

And Ayda assured: “Rob and I remain incredibly connected. We spend a lot of time talking about our kids or our parents, but we still connect as adults. And by the way, we’re still intimate.”, she assured, acknowledging that it’s still difficult to ‘make time’ alone.

“It is difficult. It took us some time – we actually had a holiday for the first time, where we spent four days alone without the kids, and it was amazing because we got to just be Rob and Ayda. It would be great to find more moments like this.”

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