Who are the characters in Anitta and Marina Sena’s Halloween costumes?


Marina Sena and Anitta pose as Kitana and Mileena from Mortal Kombat on Halloween

Photo: Instagram/Anitta / Reproduction

The singers Anita It is Marina Sena surprised fans at the Halloween party promoted by Anitta on October 31st, when they appeared dressed as the characters Mileena and Kitana, from the games Mortal Kombat. The duo published a special photoshoot on their social media profiles, posing in the warrior sisters’ costumes.

In the rehearsal, the artists not only use masterfully created cosplays, but also wield the characters’ characteristic weapons, with Anitta posing with the iconic pair of Sai daggers used by the merciless and bloodthirsty Mileena, and Marina with the classic bladed fans of the honorable liberator from Edenia, Kitana.

The characters, who are among the favorites of Mortal Kombat players, have a long and complicated relationship. Learn more about Mileena and Kitana!

Originally, the sisters Kitana and Mileena were daughters of the cruel conqueror Shao Khan, and were in an eternal rivalry for the throne of the kingdom of Edenia. Mileena, jealous of her sister for being the successor to the throne, has as her central ambition to destroy her and reign over the land of her mother Sindel. Kitana, in turn, eventually finds out about Shao Kahn’s atrocities and about her real father, King Jerrod, killed by Shao, who would adopt the twins and take Queen Sindel as his wife.

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In Mortal Kombat 11, however, Liu Kang became a deity and rewrote history. Therefore, in the most recent game, Mortal Kombat 1, Kitana and Mileena are biological sisters who live in harmony under the reign of Sindel. In this timeline, the sisters fight together to defeat Shang Tsung, who tricks them into turning them against Liu Kang’s Earthly Plane after gaining his trust by treating the Tarkat disease, from which Mileena suffers.

Anitta and Marina Sena were not the first celebrities to be inspired by Mortal Kombat characters. Here in Brazil, Pabllo Vittar has already posed with a Kitana cosplay:

Pabllo Vittar has already posed with a Kitana cosplay, the same character adopted by Anitta on Halloween

Photo: Instagram/Pabllo Vittar / Reproduction

In the USA, singer Alicia Keys also dressed up as Kitana for Halloween, and got the whole family involved, all dressed up as characters from the fighting game, such as Sub-Zero, Reptile and Scorpion:

Alicia Keys wore Mortal Kombat costumes for the whole family on Halloween

Photo: Twitter/Alicia Keys / Reproduction

The latest game in the series, Mortal Kombat 1, is available for PC, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

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