Princess, who was dating a Brazilian, turns 18 and can assume the throne in Spain

Princess, who was dating a Brazilian, turns 18 and can assume the throne in Spain
Princess, who was dating a Brazilian, turns 18 and can assume the throne in Spain

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The heir to the Spanish throne, Princess Leonor de Borbón, swore loyalty to the Constitution yesterday, upon turning 18, in a luxurious ceremony at the Spanish Parliament. From now on, she will be able to legally succeed her father, King Felipe VI, as head of state.

Accompanied by the king, her mother, Queen Letizia, and her younger sister, Sofía, she took the oath in a special session of the Court, a ritual performed by her grandfather Juan Carlos 1st in 1969, during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, and Felipe 6th in 1986, already under democracy.

“I swear to faithfully fulfill my duties, maintain and enforce the Constitution and laws, respect the rights of citizens and autonomous communities and be faithful to the king”, said the princess of Asturias, with her hand extended over a copy of the Constitution.

Dressed in a white suit, the princess was applauded for several minutes after taking the oath in the Parliament Chamber.

The ceremony was watched on giant screens placed at Puerta del Sol, in the center of Madrid, and in other locations in the country’s capital. On the outskirts of Parliament, a crowd showed their support by waving Spanish flags.

In Spain, a parliamentary monarchy, the Constitution establishes that men have preference to inherit the Crown, but Leonor has no male brothers.

King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, who abdicated in 2014 due to scandals at the end of his reign, was not present at the ceremony.

Fluent in Spanish, French and English, Leonor draws attention for being committed to the monarchy since she was a teenager.

Unlike her grandfather, Leonor evokes signs of sympathy in a country where the debate over the monarchy is permanent.

Two weeks before the oath, the princess already demonstrated knowledge of her duties.

“I understand well and am aware of what my duty is and what my responsibilities entail”, said Leonor, in an interview.

Leonor ends romance with Brazilian to succeed her father

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In June this year, the revelation of Leonor’s relationship with Brazilian Gabriel Giacomelli came to light. German magazine Bunte reported that Felipe and Letizia’s firstborn was in a romance with the son of Drausio Giacomelli, a financial expert and director of emerging markets research at one of Germany’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank.

The press reported that the princess ended her relationship with 18-year-old Brazilian Giacomelli to take on the new responsibility.

“The boy is the son of a successful Brazilian publicist and a banker who works at Deutsche Bank, a doctor in Philosophy, graduated from an elite university in the United States,” wrote the Portuguese website Flash!.

Days after their relationship was revealed, Flash! published that the relationship had come to an end. Leonor and Gabriel remain friends. “The romance would have lasted from April 2022 to May this year, almost at the end of the school term”, highlighted the portal.



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