Anne Lottermann remembers her husband’s death 6 years ago: ‘It knocked me down’

Anne Lottermann remembers her husband’s death 6 years ago: ‘It knocked me down’
Anne Lottermann remembers her husband’s death 6 years ago: ‘It knocked me down’

The journalist revealed details of how she has dealt with grief

Anne Lottermann was the first guest on the Reviravolta Program, presented by Érica Reis and Denize Savi, and revealed details of her personal and professional life after the early death of her husband and father of her children, businessman Flávio Machado. The co-host of the Faustão na Band program also recalled the discovery of skin cancer a year after the loss.

“Therapy has helped me a lot. It was six years ago, in October 2023, that Flávio passed away and the grief is passing now. After so long, I still have some things about grief, loss, that I haven’t worked on yet. , which I still haven’t managed to overcome”, he declared.

“That’s why it’s so important that the people around us, our support network, know that there is no right time for grief, there is grief that can come after a year, after two years, after 10 years and A business can come up and say ‘wow, that trigger knocked me down'”, he added.

“And you will cry, you will suffer, you will feel pain and that’s okay. The pain of grief doesn’t lessen, it can pass as long as it takes. What increases is your life around the grief”, he concluded.

Flávio Machado died in October 2017, aged 41, due to a rare cancer of the peritoneum. At the time, Anne published a long outburst on social media.

“Mommy, why did daddy die? But will we never have daddy here in this house again? I didn’t want daddy to die. Where did daddy go? Are we going to die too? Mommy, I want to die before you! Was dad old? So many questions and comments with answers that were difficult to give,” he said in the post.

“And one of the last comments so far: ‘Mommy, it was so cool when Dad was here!’ It was Gael! He was really cool when dad was here. And no matter how much I talk, as I will talk, for the rest of my life how incredible your father was, I have the feeling that I won’t be able to give you a real sense of who Flavoca really was”, he wrote.

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