After accusations of harassment, Robert De Niro rebels in court


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Camile Brito – Special for Uai

01/11/2023 16:53

This week, Robert De Niro was in New York Federal Court, USA, to testify against former assistant Graham Chase Robinson.

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The two worked together between 2008 and 2019. The girl resigned and the conflicts with the actor went to court.

Even before Robert De Niro’s testimony, Graham Chase revealed that he had not found a new job and was afraid of leaving home due to disagreements with the actor. According to her, the star constantly shouted at employees and made sexist comments, in addition to unwanted physical touches.

According to information published by the Magazine Team, De Niro got excited a few times, raising his voice, and needing to contain himself. Furthermore, according to one source, he showed a lot of anger: “It’s all nonsense”he said.

Graham Chase Robinson was ‘De Niro’s’ handyman, she was responsible for decorating his Christmas tree and taking him to the hospital in emergencies. Upon going to court, the former assistant asked for US$12 million, the equivalent of R$60 million, in compensation for serious emotional suffering and damage to her reputation.

During the testimony, Robert De Niro admitted that he left Robinson as an emergency contact, but, when questioned by the lawyer, whether he considered her a attentive employee. The actor mocked: “Not after everything I’m going through right now.”

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