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Bia Miranda talks again about her mother, Jenny

Bia Miranda talks again about her mother, Jenny
Bia Miranda talks again about her mother, Jenny

In her Instagram Stories, Bia Miranda spoke again about her mother, Jenny Miranda, a member of A Fazenda 2023 (Record).

Bia Miranda: “I didn’t tell you many things. There are many things that I went through and I intend not to tell because it hurts me a lot. It’s a very heavy story to bring to you, that I went through with this dear. I laugh and mock because it’s the only way I have to keep from crying.”

“I’m not going to talk about her anymore, because she already got what she deserved, she’s completely canceled and it’s not because of depression, it’s because of who she is inside,” he added.

Bia also adds:

For those of you who like to talk about the Bible, who say that you have to honor your father and mother regardless of what she has done… The mother or father who abuses a child, really abuses them, okay? I’m talking about abuse. Does the son have to continue honoring these parents? Bia Miranda

“Mother or father, several cases arise. Do you have to continue to be honored because it is in the Bible? If you sexually abused your daughter, do you have to continue to honor it? Why is that what you say”, he said.

Along with the video, she wrote: “Last time I bring this woman here, she can say whatever she wants. From today onwards, she doesn’t exist.”

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