CNN Brasil wishes the lawyer success in new steps

CNN Brasil wishes the lawyer success in new steps
CNN Brasil wishes the lawyer success in new steps

CNN Brasil issued a statement, this Tuesday afternoon (24), about the departure of lawyer Gabriela Prioli, 37, from its staff. She announced on social media that she was leaving the channel after almost three years for a new cycle.

splash questioned the pay-TV broadcaster whether the decision to terminate Prioli’s bond occurred by mutual agreement or was due to the lack of projects after the major restructuring promoted on the channel at the end of 2022.

In a note, CNN Brasil only declared that it was proud to have been the lawyer’s “first home” on television and wished her “good luck” in her new steps.

CNN Brasil is very proud to have been the first television house of the presenter Gabriela Prioli. She began as a participant in the segment “O Grande Debate” and, subsequently, anchored the first season of “CNN Tonight”, alongside journalist Mari Palma and historian Leandro Karnal. Since then, she has become one of the biggest influencers in the country, and has commanded her talk show “À Prioli” with absolute competence and great repercussions. CNN Brasil wishes Gabriela good luck on her journey.
says the note from CNN sent to Splash

Through Instagram, Gabriela Prioli, who gave birth to her daughter Ava last December, announced her departure from CNN Brasil saying she was happy to have lived one of the most special cycles of her professional life.

“Everything in life has a beginning, a middle and an end. And although we are usually afraid of the end, it is not always a bad thing: it makes room for a new beginning! Today I close a very happy cycle. The beginning — in March of 2020 -, I think you all know. How intense was the Great Debate! From it, I went straight – and happy! – to the Post-Pandemic World, in the company of brilliant women and great guests”, he reported.

It was there that, to the sound of poetry by Fernando Pessoa and in the presence of my forever teacher, the sun began to shine brighter: what a delight CNN Tonight was! On that bench I strengthened ties with two people that I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life, Mari Palma, with her lightness, charisma and extreme competence in communication, and Leandro Karnal, my great friend and, today, my godfather!
Gabriela Prioli

She ended her demonstration celebrating having had the chance to put her name on a television program.

“To end this trajectory with a golden key, I received “À Prioli” as a gift! Just two years after my debut, three seasons of a program with my name, dense and in-depth interviews and very special guests. And that’s how it is, With that blue sky, grateful for all those who were with me on this journey, especially Virgílio Abranches, that I decided to say goodbye to CNN Brasil”, she concluded.

splash got in touch with Gabriela Prioli to gather more details about her departure from CNN Brasil. The lawyer’s advisory issued a note saying that she was grateful to CNN Brasil for the “reception and learning” in almost three years on the channel.

“We confirm that Gabriela Prioli has decided to end her contract with CNN Brasil. She debuted on the channel in March 2020 and went through the programs “O Grande Debate”, “Mundo Pós Pandemia” and “CNN Tonight”. presented her own talk show, “À Prioli”, with three successful seasons – we also inform you that the presenter thanks CNN for all the welcome and learning in these almost three years”, informed the lawyer’s team.

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