Interest in Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Photos Grows After Netflix Series

Interest in Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Photos Grows After Netflix Series
Interest in Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroid Photos Grows After Netflix Series

The critically acclaimed, controversial and successful Netflix series, “Dahmer: An American Cannibal” introduced to the public, until then unfamiliar with the modality of true crime films and series (real crimes), the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, criminal born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), who committed a series of horrendous crimes (homicide, sexual violence, necrophilia and cannibalism) between 1978 and 1991.

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Great search for Polaroids taken by Jeffrey Dahmer

The series was so successful that true crime fans were not only content to follow the sordid story of Jeffrey Dahmer, played by Evan Peters, but also wanted to see the real images of the bodies taken by Dahmer’s polaroid camera in real life.

Jeffrey delighted in dissecting and dismembering the bodies of his victims, so he made a point of documenting his disease process through Polaroid photos.

Police reports in the Jeffrey Dahmer case stated that the photos included the corpses of his victims posed in sexually suggestive positions, as well as documentation of the dismemberment process and even records Dahmer practicing necrophilia.

Image: The Gazette

According to Anne E. Schwartz’s book, one of the Polaroids found “shows the head of a man, with the flesh still intact, lying in a sink.”

According to a 1994 study in “The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology,” Dahmer tended to photograph significant body parts and naked corpses “in sexually suggestive positions” because he “wanted to keep them as souvenirs to keep him company.” .

Studies show that some people see death as a spectacle

The public’s curiosity is such that photos and videos of crime victims are shared on social networks. A classic example is the great search and sharing of photos of Daniella Perez’s body, after her death, which were released in the HBO MAX series “Brutal Pact”.

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According to studies by the Laboratory of Studies on Death of the Institute of Psychology at USP, there are people who see death as a spectacle, even more so in cases that happen with refinements of cruelty.

The Brazilian Association of Psychiatry points out that there are also people who feel a kind of pleasure in seeing the suffering of others. This can be triggered by several factors such as genetics, environmental issues and hormonal changes.

Extreme stress situations, even if they come from images and videos, stimulate the release of some substances in the body, such as cortisol, adrenaline and endorphins.

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