12 times series characters switched actors

Remember the characters who changed interpreters in series!

If you follow the universe of series, then you have probably already come across a very curious phenomenon in this field: that character who changes actors, either mid-season or in between. There is not always a reason for this, which means that, often, this substitution is made without further explanation to the public and, when we realize it, we are like that meme from Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at the TV.

With that in mind, here we have selected the 12 times in which series characters switched actors! Which one stuck in your head the most? Don’t forget to comment!

Game of Thrones: Daario Naharis

game of Thrones had its wave of actor replacements between seasons of the series. One of the most notable cases was the exchange of Daario Nahariswhich was initially played by the actor Ed Skrein in the third season.

After that, Skrein was replaced by Michiel Huismanbut the exact reason for this switch is not known other than that it involved HBO’s internal politics.

Game of Thrones: Mountain

Since we’re talking about game of Thronesnothing more fair than mentioning the various exchanges of the interpreters of Gregor Cleganeor Mountain. During production, the character changed actors. 3 times.

The role started with Conan Stevenswho had to step away from the series due to scheduling conflicts, briefly went through Ian Whyte until he stayed with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. The latter starred in decisive scenes for the character in the fourth season, such as the famous fight against Oberyn Martell.

Arrow: Sara Lance/White Canary

One more character that also faced a change of actresses was the Sara Lance in arrow. Canário Branco appeared in the series for the first time through the performance of the actress Jacqueline Maclnnes Woodbut his return in the second season was quite different.

That’s because whoever took over the mantle of Lance from there was Caity Lotz. Wood, in turn, did not give a reason for her departure, and fans immediately tried to associate Lotz’s face as the new interpreter of the character in arrow.

The Fosters: Jesus Adams Foster

One of the best-known replacements for this phenomenon happened in the series The Fosters. The plot follows the journey of two mothers and the challenge of raising their adoptive family, and among them is Jesus. The character was played by the actor Jake T. Austin for two seasons until he was replaced by Noah Centineowho followed in the role of Jesus from there.

That ’70s Show: Laurie Forman

Much loved by fans, the comedy That ’70s Show Nor was it immune to the phenomenon of changing actors. The victim in question was the character Laurie FormanEric’s older sister in the plot, who was initially played by the actress Lisa Robin Kelly until the third season of the series.

Although she returned to do a few episodes after her third year, Lisa’s problems with alcoholism prevented her from continuing on the production. Thus, she was replaced by the actress Christina Moore.

A Freak Out: Aunt Vivian

the much loved series Fresh prince of Bel Air also underwent a replacement of actors behind the camera. The character was the aunt Vivianwhich was played by actress Janet Hubert until she left the show after three seasons. Shortly afterward, Hubert was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid.

The reason for Jane Hubert’s departure was because of some intrigue that took place behind the scenes of Fresh prince of Bel Air in season. The actress had been going through some difficult moments in her life, which contributed to several exchanges of barbs between co-workers, especially the star of the series, Will Smith. In addition, the team had offered him a bad deal to continue in the next few seasons, something that displeased Jane and caused her to leave the show for good.

Sense8: Capheus

Sense8 missed you, right? But it wasn’t just the audience that suffered from absences during the series’ development. That’s because some creative differences behind the scenes caused the character’s interpreters to change capheus.

At first, Capheus was played by the actor Aml Ameen during the show’s first season, but the figure’s return from the Christmas special came through the actor’s performance Toby Onwumere.

Riverdale: Reggie Mantle

To accompany riverdale it’s always an adventure. Known for its twists and quirky situations, the series teen also underwent a change of actors. The character involved in this substitution is Reggie Mantlewhich was played by the actor Ross Butler until he is exchanged for Charles Melton.

The reason for this musical chairs dance in riverdale it was Butler’s own choice. At the time, he preferred to give priority to The Thirteen Whysseries in which he also acted, which made Reggie take a back seat in his life.

Batwoman: Kate Kane

If in the first season of batwoman is the face of Ruby Rose that appears under the masked heroine, from then on this is no longer the scenario. That’s because Rose left the series for claiming that the production’s work environment was toxic.

Despite the controversy surrounding her departure, the studio decided to continue with the show and the actress Javicia Leslie took on the mantle of Kate Kane from that.

Mad Men: Bobby Draper

Not even the acclaimed series Mad Men came out unscathed from this exchange of actors. There were so many replacements Bobby Draperthe son of Don with Bettythat the subject even became a joke behind the scenes of the production.

Maxwell Huckabee, Aaron Hart and Jared Gilmore are just some of the names that acted as the character in Mad Men. The most curious thing is that, while the boy was constantly changing actors, the actress Kiernan Shipka managed to get a grip on the skin of Sally DraperDon’s daughter, without major problems since the beginning of the series.

Arrested Development: Ann Veal

Another comedy series that also underwent an actor swap was Arrested Development. In the series that follows the endeavors of the Bluths, a wealthy family that is going through difficult times, the character of Michael Cera start dating Ann Vealwhich was played by actress Alessandra Torresani at first.

However, the idea of Mitch Hurwitzthe creator of Arrested Development, was to make Ann forgettable, so he thought about changing the actresses who played the character in the series to convey that feeling. So the actress mother whitman took Torresani’s place, but Hurwitz liked her so much that he decided to keep her in the role.

Once Upon a Time: Robin Hood

The series era uma vez it was quite successful among the public at the time of its exhibition for presenting the famous fairy tale stories in a different way. And, among the various special appearances in the production, robin hood also showed up, being played by the actor Tom Ellis the first time it appeared on screen.

But Ellis couldn’t hold onto the role of Hood for long due to scheduling conflicts. That’s how the actor Sean Maguire stepped in, staying with the character from then on.

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