‘Riverdale’ actor sentenced to life in prison for killing mother

Ryan Granthamknown for his role in the film diary of a Wimpy Kid and for the appearance in the series riverdale, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his own mother in 2020. According to the New York Post, the 24-year-old actor’s sentence was announced this Thursday, 22, by the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. . The artist will not have the possibility of parole for the first 14 years of conviction.

According to Canada’s CBC channel, Judge Kathleen Ker said moving statements from the victim’s loved ones, such as Grantham’s sister, showed the “destructive” impact of the tragedy. She added that the actor’s “saving grace” was that he was aware enough of what he was doing. “He is receiving psychiatric treatment while in prison and appears to be improving,” Ker commented.

In Canada, second-degree murder is sentenced to automatic life in prison, but the hearing took place to set the waiting time for applying for parole, according to the publication.

As of March 31, 2020, Ryan Grantham murdered the mother, Barbara Waite, shot in the head while she was playing the piano. After the crime, the boy, who was 21 at the time, lit candles, hung rosaries over the instrument she played and said a few prayers before leaving the house with plans to kill more people, according to the actor’s testimony to the Columbia Supreme Court. British.

“My mother was a caring, compassionate and loving person. She didn’t do anything to deserve what I did to her”, declared the actor during the trial.

He even apologized to the family for the crime. “In the face of something so horrible, apologizing almost seems pointless. But from every fiber of my being, I’m sorry”, said the artist referring to family members, who were seated in the front row of the courtroom and were moved by the lines.

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After the assassination, the actor still planned to kill the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. When he turned himself in to the police, he said he wanted to do something that would “make an impact”. “I was in a hurry and he was the only person I could think of, the most important person in Canada,” confessed Grantham.

The artist also considered carrying out massacres on Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge and at Simon Fraser University, where he studied, in addition to committing suicide, but decided to go to a police station to confess to the crime.

Chris Johnson, attorney for Ryan Granthamsaid, according to people, that the actor is not shocked by the sentence. “I think he anticipated what the judge gave him as a sentence. I think he’s quite apprehensive about the whole thing. He’s a very small person, and going into the prison system, I’m sure it’s a scary, scary thought for him,” Johnson said.

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