Suzy Camacho mourns the death of her husband after 9 years of marriage

Former global actress Suzy Camacho, 61, came out tonight to mourn the death of her husband, businessman Farid Curi, 85. She was married to the tycoon for nine years and spent the last two years accompanying him in the hospital.

Through Instagram, the psychologist, who has been married to the tycoon since 2013, vented that she was suffering from “terrible pain” and highlighted that she was by her partner’s side until his last day of life.

Today is the hardest day of my life. Saying goodbye to the one you love is terribly painful. But I must thank God for the honor of being the wife of Farid Curi. An unparalleled human being. Example of character, perseverance, kindness and wisdom. We were always united, and that was until his last breath in my arms at dawn on the 21st. It couldn’t be different, since our souls were united for eternity.
Suzy Camacho

She also recalled having been by her husband’s side during the more than two years of hospitalization due to the irreversible condition of herpetic encephalitis.

It was 2 years, 1 month and 3 days by your side, daily in the hospital. I’m torn apart. I ask God to give my beloved husband peace and give me the courage to bear the longing. Be with God my eternal love.
Suzy Camacho

Who is Farid Curi?

With an entrepreneurial career and a discreet personal life, Farid Curi turned his life around as a businessman by investing in retail, in a business created by Alcides Parizotto.

Founded in the 1960s in Maringá (PR), Atacadão has become one of the largest chains in the field in Brazil. In 1972, the first offices and warehouse in São Paulo were installed. That’s when Farid Curi and another businessman, Herberto Schmeil, started to manage the organization’s administrative and commercial business, according to the company’s LinkedIn. In 1991, the founder left the company.

From then on, Farid Curi led the company alongside the other two partners. Atacadão began to expand its operations to several cities in the country. Executives were strict when it came to the company. On business trips, for example, they used to stay in cheap hotels, alongside the sales team — said Curi in an interview with IstoÉ magazine in 2012.

In addition, when they were looking for land for new units, they would hand over blank business cards, to prevent the real estate agency or seller from discovering that they owned Atacadão and raising the price too much.

In April 2007, Carrefour announced the purchase of the hypermarket chain, which held 4% of the sector in the country, for R$ 2.2 billion. The billionaire payment included 34 stores, 17 of them in the state of São Paulo.

The acquisition was one of the largest operations in the retail sector and placed the French group in the first place in the sector ranking.

Farid Curi was not dedicated to just one company. According to the Transparência website, which compiles data based on the government’s Transparency Portal, he is involved in 34 CNPJs in several states, such as Bahia, Pernambuco and Mato Grosso. The capital of the companies totals R$ 342,572,029.00. At least five are active.

The millionaire also has ventures with his four children: Beatriz Curi, Muriel Curi, Rodrigo Curi and Alfredo Curi. Among them is Royal Brasil, in the real estate sector, and Curi Empreendimentos, focused on private companies. The most recent was opened in 2010, in the area of ​​tourism and travel agency.

Who is Suzy Camacho?

Suzy Camacho became known in the 1970s and 1980s for her work in soap operas such as “A Viagem” and “Brega e Chique”. Despite having achieved fame acting in soap operas on Record, TV Tupi, Bandeirantes, SBT and Globo, Suzy Camacho’s first artistic appearance was in Mini Miss São Paulo 1971.

Suzy’s first soap opera was “Vidas Marcadas” (1973), by Record. Then, the actress went to Rede Tupi and participated in titles such as “A Barba Azul” (1974), “A Viagem” (1975), “O Prophet” (1977), “Aritana” (1978), among others.

With the end of TV Tupi, she went to Bandeirantes, acting in soap operas such as “Pé de Vento” and “Dulcinéia Vai à Guerra”. Following, she received an invitation to the newly created SBT, where she starred in works such as “A Força Do Amor” and “Jerônimo”.

“Brega e Chique” was the only soap opera that Suzy made for Globo. Last year, the production was reprized on Canal Viva.

Suzy Camacho in the soap opera “Brega e Chique”

Image: Reproduction / Canal Viva

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