Marisa Orth on Bolsonaro: “He turned my audience against me” | Brazil

Marisa Orth on Bolsonaro: “He turned my audience against me” | Brazil
Marisa Orth on Bolsonaro: “He turned my audience against me” | Brazil

Monique Mello – 09/22/2022 17:55 | updated on 09/22/2022 18:19

Marisa Orth Photo: Lucas Ramos / AgNews

Marisa Orth openly declared her vote for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The actress made the statement, on the night of this Wednesday (21), after receiving the Bibi Ferreira award for Best Theater Actress of 2022. In addition to defending the PT, the artist criticized the management of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

– I vote for Lula, because it is the only way to change the current condition and I don’t want that anymore. It’s unbearable. As an artist, I don’t need to explain. I suffered severe attacks on my sector – she declared.

Without detailing exactly how, the actress said the current president has turned the public against her.

– He [Jair Bolsonaro] turned my audience against me, I was attacked and I’m fed up – said Marisa.

O Full.News drew up a list of artists, especially singers and actors, who have already declared their vote for Lula. Check it out here.

But it’s not just Bolsonaro’s critics that the artistic class is made of. In this link, you can check a list of more than 50 names of famous people who spoke out in favor of the reelection of the current president.

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