Pfizer drug reduces death of elderly by covid-19

Pfizer’s drug, Paxlovid, has the potential to reduce the death of elderly people from Covid-19. The information comes from an Israeli study, published in the scientific journal The New England Journal of Medicine. To arrive at this, the team of researchers analyzed the medical history of 110,000 people who came to use the services of a medical assistance called Clait Health Services.

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The average age of patients was 60 years, and most had already received at least one dose of the vaccine against covid-19. About 4,000 patients were treated with Paxlovid, and the drug proved to be highly effective in the public over 65 years of age.

As the researchers comment, among the 42,821 patients aged 65 and over, 766 who did not receive Paxlovid were hospitalized with Covid-19. Compared to this data, only 11 who took the drug were hospitalized. In practice, this means that the risk reduction was 73%.

As for deaths, there was a significant reduction: only two of the 2,484 patients who received the drug died, compared with 158 of the 40,337 patients who did not undergo the treatment. Thus, the drug presents a risk reduction of 79% in the number of deaths.

The limitation is in younger adults. The Israeli researchers found that there was no noticeable impact on deaths or hospitalizations.

What do we already know about Paxlovid?

Pfizer drug, Paxlovid, reduces elderly deaths from covid-19, as Israeli study suggests (Image: Reproduction / Vladimirzotov / Envato Elements)

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Previously, studies have already brought important information about the Pfizer drug: a preliminary study published in May on the platform Research Square suggests that the drug can help in cases of long covid. In addition, the pharmaceutical itself has already pointed out that Paxlovid is effective against Ômicron.

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine via Folha de S. Paulo

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