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A number of diseases can be transmitted due to incorrect hand washing. This list includes Covid-19, hepatitis A, chickenpox, flu, rotavirus and many others.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, drew the population’s attention to the importance of the habit of cleaningas it would be one of the means to contain the spread of the cause of Covid-19.

Also according to the agency, complete and detailed disinfection of hands reduces the possibility of transmitting pathogens, viruses and bacteria by up to 70% through the body that comes into contact with various agents during the day.

The nurse at Jayme da Fonte Hospital, Lílian Santos, who is also part of the Health Care-Related Infection Control Committee, details that some moments indicate that hands need to be washed immediately. For example, when a person leaves a bathroom, they must do so immediately.

“Washing is also recommended when the person notices that their hands are visibly dirty, either after contact with a contaminated area or before and after handling food. All of this serves to prevent both contamination and the spread of these microorganisms, due to dirt,” he explained.

“A practice contrary to washing can lead to other diseases, such as gastroenteritis, whose main symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea, and ophthalmological diseases, such as conjunctivitis”, she added.

Water and soap
Using only water is not the correct technique for cleaning your hands.
, as it can leave fats, residues and other bacterial agents present there. According to Lílian, we need to go a little further in terms of this care.

“When we talk about hand hygiene, we have two options: we can wash them with soap and water and we can also use alcohol gel. It’s also a good idea to use a paper towel to dry safely”, points out the expert.

When washing, you need to remove all ornaments from your hands, whether they are rings, watches or bracelets. Then, with plenty of water, wash your hands, rubbing them together, apply soap, rubbing your palms, back, interdigital fingers (middle fingers), joints, thumbs, nails and wrists. O rinse It must also be done with plenty of water and, afterwards, it is necessary to use paper towels, so that your hands are slightly dry.

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