Chinese journalist pays high price for reporting Covid-19

Chinese journalist pays high price for reporting Covid-19
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Journalist deals with the consequences after reporting Covid-19

Zhang Zhan, Chinese journalist stood out for her commitment to the truth during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time, she reported on the real situation in Wuhan, which was among the first epicenters of the disease.

As a result, China’s authoritarian regime ordered her four years in prison. After complying with the plan, the journalist will be free in the next few days, but limited by some restrictive measures.


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In February 2020, journalist Zhang Zhan, 40, was arrested on charges of publishing ‘false’ information about Covid-19 on social media and media outlets abroad. Thus, sentenced to four years in prison, the professional refused to submit to censorship and began a series of hunger strikes, which worsened her health condition.

With this, the international community denounced the persecution of freedom of expression in China. Furthermore, he pressured the local government to release the journalist. However, despite the freedom, Zhang Zhan will have to deal with some restrictions. For example, house arrest and her communication will be limited.

Zhang Zhan’s story stands as a reminder of the challenges that journalists and activities face in the pursuit of freedom of expression in the face of authoritarian regimes. Thus, his bravery and commitment to the truth serve as a source of inspiration for defenders of human rights and democracy. Therefore, the international community must continue to pressure the Chinese government so that it can be completely free.

Additional Information:

  • The journalist is from Shaanxi province, China.
  • He studied economics and finance before turning to journalism and activism.
  • Arrested on February 3, 2020, tried in December of the same year and sentenced to four years in prison.
  • He carried out several hunger strikes during his imprisonment.
  • As a result, he compromised his health and weighed less than 40 kg.
  • The international community did not accept the conviction and pressured the government for his release.

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