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The neuroscientist from Feira, Kleber Fialho, has applied to patients who developed “Long Covid” a method that treats the symptoms of the disease that has been the subject of study by the Ministry of Health in several municipalities in Bahia, including Salvador and Feira de Santana.

Neuromodulation treated professor Josana Paula, who had Covid-19 twice. She had some memory deficits, chronic pain and developed bouts of anxiety and depression weeks after the diagnosis.

The teacher suffered losses in her performance at work, in her social and family life after the symptoms appeared.

“We had to be quarantined, away from the people we live with and this is a very serious thing. With the anxiety attacks that I developed, there was also a loss of confidence and motivation for life, because I was fatigued, unable to do the things I did before.” She recalled.

Fialho realized that the cause of all these symptoms could be associated with Covid-19 in 2021. The scientist observed that the patient’s brain frequency had changed.

Neuromodulation to help with the sequelae of long Covid

With the possibility of measuring the individual’s brain frequency through electrodes, it is possible to identify which areas of the brain are undergoing changes. Kleber Fialho says that not only Josana, but countless patients suffering from the consequences of Covid-19 were rehabilitated through neuromodulation.

How does Neuromodulation work?

Imagine a messy house. This is what the brain looks like after Covid-19 or a traumatic event. It is necessary to put things in place and this is how neuromodulation works, like a “house organizer”.

“You will strengthen the areas that are weakest and desensitize the overstimulated areas, which cause anxiety. The subject has recurring thoughts and makes it difficult to sustain attention.” Explains Fialho.

The expert also warns of the need to expand service to the public service. According to him, it is urgent and late, but extremely necessary for more people to be able to access treatment.

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