Santos registers bedridden people for flu vaccination until April 15th. Immunization begins in polyclinics for 60+

Santos registers bedridden people for flu vaccination until April 15th. Immunization begins in polyclinics for 60+
Santos registers bedridden people for flu vaccination until April 15th. Immunization begins in polyclinics for 60+

Starting this Tuesday (2), Santos enrolls bedridden people for the flu vaccination. The application period runs until April 15th. To access the vaccine at home, the companion or caregiver must register at the reference polyclinic at the address of the bedridden person, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm, and fill out an application. It is necessary to present a document with a photo of the bedridden person, proof of residence and a medical report.

When registering, the Covid-19 vaccine can be requested, or it will be offered during the same home visit, according to the target audience established by the Ministry of Health and vaccination history. Patients in the Home Care Section of Santos City Hall do not need to register, as they are automatically covered. For others, registration is required, even if they have already been attended in previous years.

People who require healthcare within their homes are considered bedridden, due to the complete impossibility of traveling to the polyclinic. These are people who cannot move at all.


This Monday (1st) was the first day of the campaign for people over 60 years old. The city of Santos has already administered more than 2,700 doses since March 25th. In addition to those over 60 years of age and those who are bedridden, flu doses are also being provided to pregnant and postpartum women (up to 45 days after giving birth), healthcare workers and residents of long-term care institutions. Gradually, other groups will be covered by the campaign in the City, which will continue until May 31st, with vaccination D-Day on April 13th.

On this first day of the 60+ audience, Edson da Silva, 64, wasted no time and went to the polyclinic to receive his dose. Edson says that he has already had the flu and does not want to suffer from the disease again, which is why he always gets vaccinated. “I get the flu vaccine every year, getting the flu is terrible and the vaccine is the best way to prevent it. Today I see that a lot of people stopped getting vaccinated due to lack of information, I would like people to get involved and get the vaccine, it is essential and I have been getting vaccinated for as long as I can remember.”

Aparecido Divino Peres, a 77-year-old retiree, also took advantage and got vaccinated, a habit he has had since he was a child. “I remember my mother taking me to get the vaccine, I learned from an early age that it is important. I’ve had the flu every year since I turned 58 and I’ve never been sick again, when we take care of ourselves, we feel good and help others to get well,” he says.

It is worth mentioning that anyone who took the flu vaccine last year should take it again, as it is an updated dose according to the mutations of the most circulating Influenza viruses. The vaccine is trivalent, that is, it protects against three strains: Influenza A H1N1, Influenza A H3N2 and Influenza B.


To be vaccinated against the flu, you must bring a photo ID and proof of residence in Santos. Health workers must present proof of active employment with the institution in which they work (badge, pay slip, etc.). Pregnant women must present a prenatal card and postpartum women must present proof of delivery up to 45 days before. Long-term care institutions must request vaccination for their residents at the reference polyclinic in their location.


Some units have their vaccination room under maintenance and, for this reason, do not offer the service: Conselheiro Nébias e Martins Fontes, in the Central region; Piratininga, in the Northwest Zone; Monte Serrat, Santa Maria and Vila Progresso, in the Morros region.



  • Aparecida Polyclinic (Av. Pedro Lessa, 1,728)
  • Campo Grande Polyclinic (Rua Carvalho de Mendonça, 607)
  • Embaré Polyclinic (Praça Coronel Fernando Prestes s/nº)
  • Estuary Polyclinic (Avenida Afonso Pena, 541)
  • Gonzaga Polyclinic (Rua Assis Correia, 17)
  • Pompéia/José Menino Polyclinic (Rua Ceará, 11)
  • Ponta da Praia Polyclinic (Praça Primeiro de Maio, no.)


  • Alemoa Polyclinic (Rua Afonsina Proost de Souza s/nº)
  • Areia Branca Polyclinic (Rua Francisco Lourenço Gomes, 118)
  • Bom Retiro Polyclinic (Rua João Fraccaroli s/nº)
  • Castelo Polyclinic (Rua Francisco de Barros Melo, 184)
  • Policlínica Rádio Clube (Av. Hugo Maia s/nº)
  • São Jorge and Caneleira Polyclinic (Rua Francisco Ferreira Canto, 351)
  • São Manoel Polyclinic (Praça Nicolau Geraigire s/nº)


  • Jabaquara Polyclinic (Rua Vasco da Gama, 32)
  • Vila Mathias Polyclinic (Rua Xavier Pinheiro, 284)
  • Vila Nova Polyclinic (Praça Iguatemi Martins s/nº)


  • Marapé Polyclinic (Rua São Judas Tadeu, 115)
  • Morro José Menino Polyclinic (Rua Doutor Carlos Alberto Curado, 77A)
  • Nova Cintra Polyclinic (Rua José Ozéas Barbosa s/nº)
  • Penha Polyclinic (Rua Três, 150)
  • São Bento Polyclinic (Rua das Pedras s/nº)
  • Valongo Polyclinic (Rua. Prof. Maria Neusa Cunha s/nº, Saboó)


  • Monte Cabrão Polyclinic (Av. Principal s/nº)
  • Caruara Polyclinic (Rua Andrade Soares s/nº)

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