Graduation marks the end of the Bombeiro Mirim de Lavras project


The graduation ceremony for the students of the Bombeiro Mirim de Lavras project, a partnership between the Municipal Government and the Fire Department, was held this Thursday, 16th, at Escola Municipal Doutora Dâmina.

Bombeiro Mirim is a social program of the Lavras Military Fire Brigade that offers educational, sporting, cultural and recreational activities for children aged 9 and 10, from public schools, aiming at the well-being and development of participants.

For Mayor Jussara Menicucci, the joint initiative highlights the importance of investing in the training of children, preparing them to be responsible citizens and engaged in making the community safer. “I highlight here the importance of unrestricted support from parents, whose involvement and encouragement were fundamental to the success of the program,” she said.

The program uses lectures and theoretical classes, with content focused on environmental education, citizenship, prevention of domestic accidents, notions of first aid, traffic education and other firefighter topics adapted, in a playful way, for the age group served. Practical activities include: workshops, cultural tours, as well as sporting, artistic and recreational activities.

For the commander of the 2nd Military Fire Company of Lavras, Lieutenant Cláudio Castorino da Silva, “the objective of the program was achieved. I am sure that excellent professionals and citizens will emerge from here.”

For Elizabeth Pereira Carvalho Araújo, mother of Eliezer, 11 years old, “the satisfaction is written on the faces of us parents and reflects the certainty that our children are now not only safer, but also more on the right path”. For Maria Luiza Abreu Côrrea, class speaker, she and her classmates would do it all again. “We liked everything and would do it all again. We want to take what we learn for life.”

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