City Hall mounts special action to support the 28th LGBTI+ Pride Parade Rio 2023 – Rio de Janeiro City Hall

City Hall mounts special action to support the 28th LGBTI+ Pride Parade Rio 2023 – Rio de Janeiro City Hall
City Hall mounts special action to support the 28th LGBTI+ Pride Parade Rio 2023 – Rio de Janeiro City Hall

Several bodies from Rio City Hall will be involved in the event in Copacabana – Disclosure

Rio City Hall supports the 28th Rio 2023 LGBTI+ Pride Parade and will bring together several organizations on Avenida Atlântica, during the event that will be held this Sunday (11/19). The gathering will be on Avenida Atlântica, waterfront lane, at Rua Sá Ferreira (post 5), starting at 11am. The parade is scheduled to start at 3pm and will run along Avenida Atlântica to Rua Rodolfo Dantas. From 9 am, City Hall teams will be in a tent set up at Rua Miguel Lemos. On site, the municipality will provide services to the population, providing care, vaccinating, providing clarifications and distributing information material.

– The Pride Parade is a historic moment for the LGBTI+ movement to mark the fight for civil rights and we, as Rio’s City Hall, took advantage of the occasion to bring City Hall’s services to the population that will be at the event. We will be there from 9 am providing clarifications and providing information to the locals – said Carlos Tufvesson, executive coordinator of Sexual Diversity, a department linked to the Civil House.

Sexual Diversity Coordination

The Sexual Diversity Coordination (CDS) will be available to serve the population in the City Hall tent. Among the activities, the coordination will offer a point to receive complaints with legal assistance for citizens, in addition to registering for all programs developed by the Coordination. CDS will also distribute leaflets and other information materials.

Also on site, the Sexual Diversity Coordination will distribute condoms, provide general information on the subject and on the Garupa project, carried out in partnership with the Municipal Health Department, which aims to deconstruct barriers to access for LGBTI+ people to health. Garupa aims to promote the health of LGBTI+ people in situations of social vulnerability and, in 2021, was selected by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the World Health Organization and Vital Strategies for the “Partnership for Healthy Cities: Covid- 19Response”.

Municipal Health Department

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) will be present at the LGBTI+ parade this Sunday, from 9am to 3pm. At the event, in partnership with the Sexual Diversity Coordination, health promotion stands will be made available, offering information on sexual and reproductive care, combating syphilis; control of tobacco use and tobacco products (electronic devices); distribution of internal and external condoms; guidance on the use of PrEP and PEP; tips for taking care of your diet and dealing with hot flashes; and vaccination with vaccines against covid-19, influenza, hepatitis and also anti-tetanus.

In addition, the Garupa team, a project that promotes welcoming to the trans population, and Rap da Saúde – SMS’s Network of Adolescents and Young Health Promoters will be present at the event, providing guidance, distributing internal and external condoms and clarifying doubts. of the population.

CET-Rio: Special traffic scheme

Traffic closures will be carried out in stages. The first will begin at 11:30 pm on Saturday (11/18) with the closure of Avenida Atlântica, a road along the waterfront, between Rua Francisco Otaviano and Rua Miguel Lemos, to position the electric trios. At 7am on Sunday morning, the Avenida Atlântica Leisure Area will be opened, a track along the waterfront, as occurs on Sundays and holidays.

From 10 am onwards, Avenida Atlântica, the road to the buildings, is expected to be closed, in the section between Rua Joaquim Nabuco and Avenida Princesa Isabel, in addition to its access points, in case the road is occupied by the public. The Avenida Atlântica Leisure Area, as well as the closure of the track next to the buildings, will be maintained until the end of the event, the road is vacated by the public and the tracks are cleaned, with the opening to vehicle traffic scheduled for until 11pm. The turnaround on Avenida Atlântica, the building lane, will operate at its usual time, from 7am to 6pm.

The traffic operation will have 80 agents, including municipal guards, CET-Rio operators and traffic supporters, who will work to maintain fluidity, organize intersections, guide pedestrians and drivers, in addition to blocking. Traffic conditions will be monitored for possible impacts, and signal times will be adjusted to improve fluidity on alternative routes and the region’s main traffic corridors. Variable message panels will inform about the closure of Avenida Atlântica and traffic conditions on the surrounding roads.

Parking bans

From 6pm on Friday (17/11) to 11pm on Sunday:

– Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, between Rua Francisco Otaviano and Avenida Princesa Isabel;
– Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, right side, between Avenida Atlântica and Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana;
– Rodolfo Dantas Street;
– Bolívar Street, between Avenida Atlântica and Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.


– Use public transport to arrive and leave the event;

-Due to the closures for the event, it is recommended that drivers seek alternative routes for their journeys and, if possible, avoid passing through the region, as traffic will be impacted.

Comlurb prepares special cleaning scheme

Comlurb has prepared a special cleaning scheme. Preparation work will begin at 7am. There will be 204 street cleaners, 116 from the neighborhood routine plus 88 specially scheduled to work directly at the event on the promenade, bike path, median and parade trail. The work consists of cleaning and maintaining the runway on Avenida Atlântica and cross streets, including access to the Cantagalo, Siqueira Campos and Cardeal Arcoverde metro stations, with sweeping services, emptying of waste bins and the 150 containers placed especially for the event, from the concentration, at Posto 5, until Avenida Princesa Isabel.

The street cleaners will work with the support of eight water tankers to wash the roads with recycled water, two satellite trucks, two compactor trucks and two dump trucks, two large sweepers, four motor pumps, six beach tractors, two beach tractors with rear implements to turn over and sanitize the sand. The vehicles and equipment will be used throughout the parade route, including in adjacent streets, and will then be used again to clean all the beaches along the coast of the South Zone, where another 184 street cleaners maintain cleanliness. The 88 street cleaners assigned to the Parade will work on the track, on the bike path, on the boardwalk and on the sand, before, during and after the event. 250 containers will be placed along the entire coast, 300 on the sand and 50 of 1,200 liters for the correct disposal of waste.


  • November 16, 2023

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Tags: City Hall mounts special action support #28th LGBTI Pride Parade Rio Rio Janeiro City Hall



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