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The ceremony to hand over 135 domain titles to Bacabalenses settled in the Settlement Project (PA), Seco das Mulatas, took place on the morning of Tuesday, 14th, in the town of Centro do Cirilo.

Mayor Edvan Brandão was present, alongside the Superintendent of Incra in Maranhão, José Carlos, vice-mayor Graciete Trabulsi, councilor Venâncio do Peixe and the Secretary of Agriculture, Inaldo Nascimento.

“It’s thanking God and I’m very happy! I’m really happy to receive the title”, said Maria das Dores, one of the beneficiaries.

The settlement covers an extensive area of ​​4,720 hectares and comprises villages such as Seco das Mulatas, Centro do Cirilo, Sobradinho, Centro do Adelino and Canarana. The domain title, based on Law 8,629/93, plays a crucial role in consolidating agrarian reform in Brazil. In addition to providing security and legal support, it also promotes the stability necessary for the sustainable development of agricultural and community activities. By being non-negotiable for a period of ten years, it not only protects beneficiaries against possible adversities, but also establishes a solid foundation for building a prosperous and self-sustainable future.

“We are very happy, and we can only thank the INCRA team, our mayor Edvan Brandão, for the support he has given to farmers, and it is a unique moment for these families”, stated the Secretary of Agriculture, Inaldo Nascimento.

Venâncio do Peixe, councilor of Bacabal and activist in the land regularization process, highlights the importance of handing over domain titles. “For more than 5 years we have been working on this issue of land regularization with this partnership between the municipality, through Mayor Edvan Brandão, with Incra and Iterma. So we have already managed to deliver titles to several villages and today here in the Seco das Mulatas settlement we are delivering titles to these villages where we are turning dreams into reality”, stated the parliamentarian.

“Being at this moment for the delivery of 135 titles is something very important and comforting for our Incra team. Our struggle is very clear: as long as there is a homeless family, a landless peasant and a worker without rights, we from the federal government We will be fighting for this to be rectified”, highlighted José Carlos, Superintendent of Incra in Maranhão.

For Mayor Edvan Brandão, the benefit achieved is the result of existing partnerships between municipal management and the federal government. “It is the result of another partnership with the federal government and today we are bringing the titles to the people who were really waiting. Our farmers here in the Baixada region have been waiting for this moment for more than 25 years and the moment has arrived when they are receiving the titles from our hands, the municipal government, in partnership with the federal government, our dear president Lula. And so we will continue with this partnership, seeking quality of life for workers in our rural area”, stated the mayor.

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