Serra City Hall

Serra City Hall
Serra City Hall

The event consists of a joint effort of health services with Influenza Duty, medical consultations, PSA, preventive care, among others

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On Saturday (11), the Regional Health Unit (URS) of Jacaraípe opens its doors to the first edition of Serra + Saúde, which will be held from 8 am to 5 pm.

At the event, in addition to actions aimed at men’s health due to Blue November, more than a thousand consultations and services are planned to be carried out, ranging from referrals for exams to the Influenza Clinic.

The objective is to strengthen health promotion with prevention and education actions, in addition to expanding the population’s access to weekend services, increasing the number of requests and referrals for exams and consultations with specialists.

Among the services offered are:

– medical consultation with specialists (ophthalmologist, neuropediatrician, dermatologist, psychiatrist, orthopedist, cardiologist, urologist);
– consultation with a general practitioner, pediatrician, psychologist, dentist (child and adult);
– collection of preventives;
– referral for a PSA test;
– Integrative and Complementary Practices (PICs);
– weighing of Bolsa Família;
– dispensing medicines;
– rapid tests (syphilis and hepatitis B and C)
– Vaccination against influenza and Covid-19, in addition to the doses recommended by the National Vaccination Calendar.

PSA exam

Due to Blue November, at the Serra + Saúde event, 300 medical referrals will be made available to carry out the PSA, aiming at the early detection of prostate cancer, which begins with the blood test known as Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). It is indicated under medical criteria and for patients with non-specific symptoms from the age of 50, and from the age of 45 in those with a family history, obese and people of African descent, as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Influenza Duty

Aiming to expand influenza vaccination coverage, the Serra Health Department reinforces the importance of immunization against the disease, even after the winter period. It is necessary to be vaccinated against influenza every year, as viruses undergo changes and those circulating in the population one year will not necessarily be the same the following year. The vaccine is safe and reduces complications that can lead to serious cases, hospitalizations or even deaths. In addition to doses against influenza, vaccines against Covid-19 will also be available at Serra + Saúde, in addition to those recommended in the National Vaccination Calendar.

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