Covid-19: Boa Vista expands 2nd booster dose for people over 18 years old starting this Friday

The prefecture provides 32 basic health units for immunization. – Photo: Katarine Almeida

From this Friday, the 25th, the City Hall of Boa Vista will start applying the 2nd booster dose (4th dose) against Covid-19 for people over 18 years of age. The second dose should be applied to people who received the other doses at least four months ago.

Immunization can be done with a dose of the Pfizer, Janssen or AstraZeneca vaccine, depending on availability. The prefecture provides 32 basic health units for immunization. Check it out below.

Necessary documents

Proof of vaccination of previous doses, official document with photo, CPF or SUS Card.

The prefecture reinforces for those who have not yet received the first or second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, to go to the health units that are applying the immunizer. The second dose is released for the entire population over five years of age.

The booster dose (3rd dose) is applied only to people over 12 years of age who have been immunized with the two doses for more than four months. The interval between applications of the vaccine against covid-19, for a booster dose, is four months. Persons between 18 and 59 years of age with a high degree of immunosuppression, who have already received three doses of the vaccine, should receive the 4th application.

Baby Vaccination

Vaccination for children from six months to two years old, which started this Thursday, will only be available until 1 pm, due to the Brazilian team playing in the 2022 FIFA Cup. that make this vaccine available.

UBS’s with covid vaccine for adults and children

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