Araraquara confirms 213 more cases of covid-19

Araraquara confirms 213 more cases of covid-19
Araraquara confirms 213 more cases of covid-19

No deaths from the disease in the last week

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September 23, 2022 · 12:52 pm

Araraquara records 213 more cases of covid-19 (Photo: Amanda Rocha)

The Araraquara Coronavirus Contingency Committee confirmed 213 more positive cases of Coronavirus, between the 16th and 22nd of September, equivalent to 7.3% of a total of 2,891 samples analyzed in public and private health services

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the city has already added 90,186 cases of the diseasebeing that 101 remain in quarantine and 89,359 have already left.

Today, six patients are hospitalized – five are in the ward and one confirmed is in the ICU.


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Of the six hospitalized, four are residents of Araraquara and two live in Santa Lúcia.

Today, Santa Casa has one patient, Hospital São Paulo has one patient, the Melhado Rear Unit has one patient and Heab has three patients.

Regarding hospitalizations in hospital services that provide beds for Covid-19 (public and private), the city currently has an occupancy rate of 11% of infirmary beds and 6% of ICU beds.

The municipality has so far recorded 726 deaths from Covid-19. There were no deaths reported this week.

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