Brazil applied 3rd dose against covid in 55.6% of the population

Brazil applied 3rd dose against covid in 55.6% of the population
Brazil applied 3rd dose against covid in 55.6% of the population

There are 172,155,367 people vaccinated with the two doses of the immunizer against coronavirus across the country

Brazil reached 80.7% of the population with the 1st complete vaccine cycle against covid-19. The number represents 172,155,367 people vaccinated with two doses or a single dose until Thursday (22.Sep.2022).

The number of inhabitants vaccinated with at least one dose is 186,830,541 – equivalent to 87.6% of the population.

The booster dose was given in 118,546,978 of inhabitants, about 55.6% of the population. In all, 472,103,533 doses were administered in the country.

The data are from the coronavirusbra1 platform, which compiles records from state health departments.

For the 1st complete vaccination cycle, the vaccines administered in Brazil with two doses are CoronaVac, the immunizer from AstraZeneca and the one from Pfizer. Also in use is the Janssen vaccine, which requires only one dose.

The booster dose is preferably applied with the Pfizer immunizer, regardless of the vaccine used in the 1st immunization cycle.

São Paulo is the state with the rhythm more advanced of vaccination: 91.5% of the population was vaccinated with the 1st dose or single dose. Amapá has the slower pace (68.1%).

São Paulo is also the state with the highest proportion of the population fully vaccinated (88.8%). Roraima has the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated (55.2%).

Here are the numbers of vaccinated by state:


The data are from the coronavirusbra1 platform, maintained by Carlos Achy, Leonardo Medeiros, Wesley Cota and volunteers, who compile the vaccination numbers released by the state health departments.

The Ministry of Health also has a platform that disseminates data on vaccination: Localiza SUS. However, the numbers take longer to update.

The ministry’s platform depends on states and municipalities filling in the data –according to the federal government’s criteria– and submitting it to the ministry. When a dose is applied, cities and states have 48 hours to inform the ministry. But this deadline is not always followed.

The data published by Power 360 is greater than that of Localiza SUS because the platform’s developers coronavirusbra1 compile the numbers of each of the state secretaries. The information disclosed directly by these companies is more up-to-date.

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