Brazil is 12th in the ranking of proportional deaths by covid

Brazil is 12th in the ranking of proportional deaths by covid
Brazil is 12th in the ranking of proportional deaths by covid

Peru ranks at the top of the list, followed by Europeans; among South Americans, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina are also among the first

Brazil occupies the 12th position in the ranking world proportion of deaths by covid-19, with 2,964 deaths from the disease per million inhabitants. The list is led by Peru, which records 6,201 deaths per million.

Read the countries that had the most proportional deaths throughout the pandemic:

Peru reached the top of the ranking after reviewing the official data on cases and deaths by covid. Among South Americans, Chile (19th), Paraguay (24th) and Argentina (25th) are also among the first.

Despite occupying the 18th position globally among the countries with the most deaths per million inhabitants, the USA leads the absolute number of deaths from the disease. In all, about 1.06 million deaths from covid have been recorded since February 2020. more than ⅙ of the total global deaths from the disease.

With 685,677 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, Brazil recorded 8,708 infections and 73 deaths in 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The percentage of people with a complete vaccination schedule (who took the 2nd dose or single dose) is 80.7%. Only 55.6% took the booster.


Last week, the director general of the WHO (World Health Organization), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that the world is about to end the pandemic. “We are not there yet, but the end is in sight” stated.

According to Tedros, in recent days, the reported number of deaths from covid-19 was the lowest since March 2020.

The WHO leader stressed, however, that to reach the end of the pandemic it is necessary to maintain some measures against the spread of the virus. He quoted:

  • vaccination;
  • testing and sequencing;
  • efficient care in the basic health system;
  • planning to contain outbreaks;
  • prevention and control;
  • and training health professionals to deal with disinformation.

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