Covid-19: Brazil records 8,700 cases and 73 deaths in 24 hours

Brazil registered, since the beginning of the pandemic, 685,677 deaths from covid-19according to the epidemiological bulletin released this Thursday (22) by the Ministry of Health. The number total confirmed cases of the disease is 34,616,655. In 24 hours, 8,708 new cases were recorded. In the same period, 73 deaths of victims of the virus were confirmed.

Also according to the bulletin, 33,788,724 people have recovered from the disease and 142,254 cases are being monitored. This Thursday’s bulletin does not bring updated data on deaths in Mato Grosso do Sul.


According to available data, São Paulo leads the number of cases, with 6.07 million, followed by Minas Gerais (3.87 million) and Paraná (2.74 million). The lowest number of cases is registered in Acre (149.6 thousand). Then appears Roraima (175 thousand) and Amapá (178.2 thousand).

Regarding deaths, according to the most recent data available, São Paulo has the highest number (174,567), followed by Rio de Janeiro (75,659) and Minas Gerais (63,758). The lowest number of deaths is in Acre (2,029), Amapá (2,163) and Roraima (2,173).


To date, 482.4 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 have been applied, 179.7 million with the first dose and 161.1 million with the second dose. The single dose was given to 4.9 million people. Another 98.5 million have already received the first booster dose and 33.1 million have already been vaccinated with the second booster dose.

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