“Not everything is a flag”

Juliette does not shut up and counters attacks by Luisa Mell after adoption: “I wanted to say”

In this weekend Juliette found herself at the center of a controversy after being publicly criticized by Luisa Mell after announcing the arrival of two new members in the family, two purebred dogs.

Juliette opened a live on her Instagram and responded to the criticism, but without directly mentioning the animal activist. The BBB champion claimed to have fallen in love with the puppies, and stressed that she has already adopted mixed breed puppies as well.

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I wanted to say that the best option is always to adopt, yes. I’ve adopted several times, I’ve had several stray dogs. Anyway, I respect the cause too much. I don’t want this to discredit something so beautiful.” she said.

Juliette apologized, and said she fell in love with the puppies. “I apologize if I influenced you with my behavior. But this particular case had a whole story, I really fell in love. It’s been a year and a half since I was working up the courage to get the puppy.”she said.

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In the outburst, the ex-BBB also revealed that was ashamed to have kept the purebred dogs after the criticism. “I really fell in love and I was ashamed, I was sad because I was ashamed, like I did something wrong. And unfortunately I can’t make everything perfect. And it’s not bad for me to fall in love with a dog”she said.


Finally, Juliette shared the story behind the dogs’ adoption. She revealed that she was meeting a priest at a time of emotional fragility, when she came across the brother of the puppies she currently adopted.

“And before I met the priest, this little dog came and I was very happy and very emotional. In my head, there was only this little dog. The lady didn’t give it to me. And Couscous and Pitica are brothers of this little dog. Anyway, the owner was very touched and everything you have seen. Not everything in my life is a flag“, she snatched.

Juliette wins purebred dogs and is criticized by Luísa Mell (Photo: Reproduction)


Amidst the announcement of the arrival of the new members in the family, a comment that ended up stealing the show was from Luisa Mell. the animal activist pinned the BBB champion with a acid comment left on social media Juliette.

“Juliette ever so aware, could give an example in the animal cause as well. Don’t even talk to me about winning… Because you don’t win dogs either. Because if that’s the case, I’m also giving her 3 beautiful cans…”she wrote.

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