Jojo Todynho talks about a fight with his ex-manager and tells the real truth

Jojo Todynho doesn’t shut up and explains ‘fight’ with ex-manager DJ Batata

Known for not running away from controversy, this time is that the singer Jojo Todynho and his ex-manager broke a million-dollar contract. The former manager is the famous Dj Batata and it happened shortly after the presenter of the MultiShow felt cheated by him, changing teams and abandoning the former employee.

It turns out that singer Jojo Todynho didn’t like knowing that Dj Bata was talking about his old relationship, and decided to speak out again about the fact, hours after saying that he didn’t want the producer following you on social media.

On her instagram, Jojo Todynho commented on the controversy once again, in the early afternoon of last Saturday, the 3rd. “I will summarize it in the best way, straight, for you to understand and to avoid fatigue, a lot of people talking and don’t know anything”began the presenter, who continued. “You won’t see me fighting over percentages, which was good for me back then, can’t be for me today, because today I work in the market, today I live the market and I understand”, started the singer Jojo.

Jojo Todynho doesn’t shut up and explains ‘fight’ with ex-manager Dj Batata – Photo: Montage Tv Foco

The singer continued

“So the contract that was good for me in 2017, 18, 19, today in 2022 is not good anymore, and everything is fine! I’m not angry with him [DJ Batata], we blocked each other, each one follows his life, he in his corner and I in my corner… It’s all right. I am grateful to all the people who are in my life, who have passed through my life and taught me.”pointed out the singer.

“I have nothing against Potato, however, I may not agree with certain things, and that’s all right, each one in its square. I’m not angry at him… I’m not angry at all”finished Jojo Todynhowho also made a point of saying that she is the godmother of the ex-manager’s children, and that she continues to love everyone in the same way, regardless of the “fights”, concluded Jojo Todynho.

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