Deolane is barred before the premiere and rebels

The Farm 14: Deolane Bezerra is barred before the premiere and creates a case with direction

Deolane Bezerra is without a doubt one of the most popular celebrities on the web. Soon, the presence of the famous in the reality of Record, A farm 14began to be quoted by the public as one of the strong names of the new edition.

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According to IN OFF, Deolane would already be giving the station a “headache” even before actually entering the reality. It turns out that MC Kevin’s widow would have been vetoed by Record.

According to the news site, Deolane would have chosen a red dress to wear at the premiere of the reality, which was prohibited by the network.

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Deolane Bezerra becomes the target of police, suffers serious accusation and has worse news: “Arrested at any moment”

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The station’s attitude is due to the fact that it prevents Deolane’s dress from being seen as a subliminal message of support for the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, for whom the influencer has already announced support, but through social networks.

Also according to information revealed by the column, Deolane Bezerra would have been outraged by the broadcaster’s veto, but ended up accepting Record’s decision and choosing a different color outfit.


Giving even more strength to the rumors of the participation of Deolane Bezerra in The Farm 14 and breaking, starting a new shack, Juju Ferrari revealed that he refused the invitation to reality to not have to stay in the same environment as the lawyer.

We are declared rivals, where she is I am not. If I really agreed to enter reality, the shack was already set up. I don’t want to lower myself to argue with her,” Juju said in an interview with PlayCast.

During the chat, Juju even called the influencer “low” and accused her of being jealous of her with MC Kevin in the past. “She is insecure and likes to cause idle”he snapped.

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