Poliana Rocha took one of the singer’s heirs out of the closet

Poliana Rocha used social media to talk about Leonardo’s daughter’s relationship

Poliana Rochasinger’s wife Leonardo, used social networks to interact with the public. She always likes to promote the famous question boxes, for the public to ask whatever they want about her life and family.

Because of this, that’s how she commented on Monyque Isabella’s relationship. An internet user wanted to know how she and Leonardo behaved when they learned about the young woman’s guidance. What’s your reaction about your stepdaughter not liking men but women?” he wanted to know. Respectfully, Poliana Rocha opened the game.

“Loves of our lives! We love and respect”, she insisted on highlighting. Furthermore, she even shared a picture of her stepdaughter and Jessica Kalosi. It is worth mentioning that Poliana and Leonardo maintain a great relationship with all their children. There are six in total and they all speak highly of their father.

Poliana Rocha loves to comment on the relationship she has with Leonardo’s children and has already proven that it is the best possible. The only problem they had was recently, where not all of the countryman’s children attended their 59th birthday party, but even that has been resolved.

Poliana Rocha talks about the relationship of Leonardo’s daughter (Photo: Reproduction)


Poliana Rocha used social media to defend Zé Felipe and Virgínia. The couple is under pressure to take a stand on who they will vote for in these elections, as most great artists are choosing sides.

“The worst”, Poliana Rocha stresses with a comment about her and exposes: “Don’t talk to me like that”

Poliana Rocha and Zé Felipe - Photo: Reproduction

Poliana Rocha sees Zé Felipe being massacred, makes a statement and comes out in defense of her son: “It’s secret”

Poliana Rocha, Zé Felipe and Virgínia (Photo: Reproduction)

Poliana Rocha comes out in defense of Zé Felipe and Virgínia after attacks and exposes situation: “It’s secret”

Therefore, Poliana Rocha turned to her Instagram to highlight that the couple has no obligation to take a stand. “The vote is secret,” she said. But, meanwhile, on Twitter, there is no shortage of demands on the couple.

But, there is also a good part that is in defense of the couple. “Ze Felipe and Virgínia are under no obligation to speak openly about their political option. Just like no other artist. Vote is secret. That’s why we voted in a booth with no one. Stop pissing me off over this political bullshit. It’s already done”, said an internet user and won many likes.

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