Carmo Dalla Vecchia on fatherhood: “It has been a very happy experience” – Who

Carmo Dalla Vecchia and her son Pedro (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Carmo Dalla Vecchia melted when talking about his experience as a father in an interview for the Who. The 52-year-old actor has a son, Pedro, 3, from his marriage to the author and writer. João Emanuel Carneiro.

“People idealize fatherhood a lot, each child is a story, each father is a story. I can say that it has been a very happy experience at home to have a child, I think it’s been quite happy for him too”, he declared.

He confessed that he thought fatherhood would be a “big perrengue”, but that he was surprised. “The experience I’ve had with my son has been a very happy one. Smoother than I thought,” he said.

Carmo assumed that he is the most “responsible” father, while João Emanuel is the one with the joke. “John is the prankster, the one who gets in the way of dinner. I’m the one who knows the vaccine date”, he delivered.

Carmo Dalla Vecchia and Pedro, his son with João Emanuel Carneiro (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram and João Cotta/Globo)

fatherhood and work

In the air like Alfredo de face and courageCarmo has already started rehearsals for the show 12 years of slaverybased on the film that won an Oscar in 2014. “I’m very happy to be back in the theater, I think I’m a very lucky guy to be able to be doing a soap opera and a play at the same time, in such a difficult time for the culture in our country”, he celebrated.

The actor does not deny that it will be a challenge to balance work with fatherhood. “Maybe I spend less hours with my son, but I’m very happy in the theater, so it’s all right”, he pondered.

Haters and homophobia

Carmo also talked about the haters that appear from time to time on their social networks. “I’m very lucky to have had very few haters. The two or three I had, I denounced it as an exercise in civility to set an example. I think it’s super important for people to understand that you’re not so protected on the web, when you have a profile, you have to have an email, you have to have a CPF. So, it’s not that easy, it’s nobody’s land”, he said.

The actor has already suffered homophobia in comments on Instagram, but believes that people are ashamed to attack him. “I think because I’m a very transparent guy. Sometimes people say I’m a faggot. But I said I’m a fag myself. What are they going to say now? ‘Oh, faggot’?, he declared.

Carmo Dalla Vecchia and Pedro (Photo: Personal archive)

Carmo Dalla Vecchia and Pedro (Photo: Personal archive)

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