Simone reveals and confirms last moment with Ivete Sangalo

Simone spoke about Ivete Sangalo

Simonewho recently announced the end of the duo with simaria, is often quite present on social networks. With millions of followers on Instagram, the singer always makes a point of exposing her intimacy with internet users and routinely interacts through a box of questions.

This Sunday morning, September 4, was no different. The singer ended up answering some questions related to her career. Simone will have to fulfill another show today that is still part of her schedule with Simaria.

In addition, the famous came to be questioned about her relationship with other celebrities. A curious internet user wanted to know “which was the last famous” Simone had talked about. Directly in the answer, Kaká Diniz’s wife soon delivered the truth and gave a big name: “By phone Ivete Sangalo!”.

Simone decided to talk about her personal life and exposed Ivete Sangalo (Photo: Reproduction)


Singer Simone Mendes showed all the preparations to publicize the launch of the new brand, in her solo career, without the presence of her sister Simaria.

She gathered her entire team, this Thursday (01), to adjust the last details of her new visual identity, to promote the shows, post photos and banners with her new brand.

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Simone, after breaking up with Simaria, breaks down in painful tears and confesses a conversation with Jesus:

Simone, after breaking up with Simaria, breaks down in painful tears and confesses conversation with Jesus: “I cried a lot”

Simone talks about a quick marriage with Kaká Diniz:

Simone talks about quick marriage with Kaká Diniz: “The truth is that we feel”

“I’m looking forward to showing you the new brand! Everything is being done with great care for you. Wait”, revealed Simone.

The singer’s husband and businessman, Kaká Diniz, is involved with the brand, as is her brother, Caio Mendes, who is now the general director of his company.

In a note sent to ‘TV News’, Simone explained that she shows the backstage of her project as a solo singer to get closer to her fans, and make more people interested in her work.

The artist also revealed that she will continue to sing country songs, and asked for an opinion on her social networks to know what her followers like to listen to.

“I’m at a very important moment in this new cycle and I can’t help but share it with you. Auditions, definition of new visual identity, everything asap,” she said excitedly.

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