“Is Silvio Santos bald?”, the animator’s daughter delivers the truth

Silvia Abravanel tore up the verb in a podcast and told the truth about Silvio Santos being bald

Silvio Santos he is the greatest communicator on Brazilian television and with that several mysteries surround his life, one of the great secrets is whether the presenter would be bald. The subject gained strength in the press in the 80s and the owner of SBT did not make a point of going public to clarify the rumors, however, in a recent participation in the podcast “Inteligência LTDA”, one of the heirs of the famous spoke the truth about the matter. .

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Silvia Abravanel, who has already commanded some programs on SBT and is the animator’s number two daughter, revealed when the subject began to be commented and blamed Sérgio Mallandro: “I told you guys, I think you don’t know the history of this painting. They kept looking and I said ‘the bald Silvio’, ‘but isn’t this story true?’, I said ‘no people’. Then I told them about Sérgio Mallandro’s montage”, said the famous, putting a stop to it and ensuring that the wires in the presenter’s head are his own.


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In addition to the picture, another episode contributed to the rumors about the baldness of Silvio Santos to gain strength. On the occasion, the communicator appeared bald on the cover of a famous magazine, the edition was very marked in the memory of Brazilians and generated great repercussion at the time. However, it was a montage. The leader of the Abravanel family approved the image and managed to “let go” of this doubt.

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Silvio Santos won a bald frame and printed magazines (Photo: Reproduction)

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