Who are the most rejected Bolsonaro supporters in the art world?

Who are the most rejected Bolsonaro supporters in the art world?
Who are the most rejected Bolsonaro supporters in the art world?

There is no methodological research on the percentage of artists against Jair Bolsonaro.

By mere perception, it is possible to assume that 9 out of 10 professionals in the arts are critical of the president.

The minority on the side of the reelection candidate pays a heavy price for placing itself on the right of the political spectrum.

The onus is contempt from fellow progressives, attacks on the internet, little space in the media, fewer opportunities for publicity and even a possible career setback.

Among the famous Bolsonaristas, some insist on staying on the front of the ideological war.

Bolsonarista artists lose many friends, fans and job opportunities

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Regina Duarte – Even after a frustrating stint in the government and having been left without the promised position at Cinemateca Brasileira, the actress remains faithful to the president. She campaigns for him on her social network. Such conviction made her an exile in the artistic universe. At social events, she came to be ignored by TV peers, as if she were a class traitor. Scene partners criticized her publicly, such as Antônio Fagundes and Lima Duarte. She is resilient. Despite invitations, she resisted launching herself into politics. For a while.

Antonia Fontenelle – “Poor thing, she does her best to appear.” The mocking phrase by Fábio Porchat sums up the opinion of left-wing artists about the actress and youtuber. She is one of the most provocative pro-Bolsonaro activists, as well as being an outspoken enemy of Globo, where she worked. She collects fights and lawsuits in court. In her talk show on Jovem Pan News, she gave visibility to other celebrities with the same conservative thinking. She left the channel to run for federal deputy for RJ.

Mario Frias – When fighting back against an objection made by Bolsonaro’s former Secretary of Culture, lawyer Rosângela Moro, wife of former judge and former minister Sergio Moro, appealed to sarcasm: “Oh, you were so much more useful in ‘Malhação’”. The former heartthrob of Globo’s extinct youth soap opera has become one of the most despised personalities in the television environment. He demonizes the Marinho family channel, Lei Rouanet, celebrities who support Lula and journalists critical of the government. He will try to be elected federal deputy for SP with the slogan “Culture, freedom and faith”.

Humberto Martins – A peculiar case. He is a purple bolsonarista and remains at Globo. The actor who will be in the next soap opera at 9 pm, ‘Travessia’, maintains good relations at the station. The only friction occurred when he was making ‘Summer 90’, in 2019. He posted some positive stories about the president on the cast’s WhatsApp group. There was a reaction from fellow antibolsonaristas, such as Jesuíta Barbosa, who today plays Jove in ‘Pantanal’. Without fear of losing the contract, he nudged the company he works for when commenting on the rise of streaming platforms in Brazil. “It is wonderful! They are giving Globo a jab in the ass.”

Sergio Reis – The root country music veteran says that his activism in favor of Bolsonaro made Globo not call him to ‘Pantanal’. In August of last year, he was criticized after the leak of an audio in which he called for a strike by truck drivers in protest against the STF. Under pressure, he apologized and said he developed depression after the episode. He has not touched the president’s critics. It remains ‘cancelled’ by the majority on the left in the art world. Among the sertanejos, he is admired for putting up a slap in the face when defending Bolsonaro.

little mouse – Former deputy and father of the governor of Paraná, he always had politics in his veins. Since the beginning of Bolsonaro’s term, he has given the president valuable space on his program on SBT, a channel seen as an ally of the government. He came under attack after the revelation that he received a fee to carry out a merchandising action in defense of Social Security reform. Other TV artists also participated in the campaign. Fearless and outspoken, the presenter has already cursed the opposition and the press critical of the president.

Zé Neto – He became a villain on social media by praising Jair Bolsonaro and fighting against Anitta, the target of his mockery for having made a “tattoo on the toba”. He also detonated the Rouanet Law, a pillar of Brazilian audiovisual. The singer drew the attention of the Public Ministry about the high fees paid to sertanejos by city halls of small and medium-sized cities. The debate arose about the excessive earnings of these artists with money that could be used for the education and health of the population.

Roger Moreira – The lead singer of the band Ultraje a Rigor and musician on Danilo Gentili’s talk show on SBT represents the portion of rockers who prefer Bolsonaro to Lula. Few of this musical segment expose themselves as he does. Some rock friends are now disaffected by him, like Lobão, who went from being a supporter to being an anti-Bolsonarista. While the president is attacked at Rock in Rio, Roger reaffirms his position. “With an absolutely clear conscience that it is the only option for this election,” he tweeted.

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