Dado Dolabella exposes the reason that made him have a radical change in life

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Living a secret romance with Wanessa, Dado Dolabella is no longer the media artist who made him known, years ago

Dado Dolabella drastically changed his life, 20 years ago he was a controversial artist and media, with several accusations behind his back and a troubled beginning of a relationship with Wanessa.

Nowadays, although he maintains the relationship with Wanessa, secretly, he changed his lifestyle, he is no longer a media boy who causes controversy and has adapted to a different life.

He moved from bustling Rio de Janeiro to Chapada dos Veadeiros in Goiás and the move was followed by a series of adaptations.

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In an interview with Doutor Consciência on Youtube, Dado Dolabella told why he did all this:

“I threw myself in the woods, I’m going back to my origins because I think that when you analyze the human being from the point of view of nature, the human being is a virus that needs to be fought”, explained Data.

He is also vegan and this change was made more than 7 years ago in his life: “We are frantically causing pollution, the destruction of forests, the destruction of the living being, which is gaia, which is planet Earth”.

Despite having several controversies and serious accusations on his resume, Dado Dolabella in nature version says that society needs to build a next generation with new concepts:

Dado and Marina Dolabella (Photo: Reproduction)
Dado and Marina Dolabella (Photo: Reproduction)

“We need to create this awareness of this new man who needs to be born. And this new man builds a new society, with new ideals.” declared Data Dolabella.


Now, adept at this new life of veganism and nature, Dado Dolabella also explained why living a more sustainable life and how it influences everything:

“Only life can sustain life (…) When you take a vegetable food and put it at very high temperatures, 200ºC, the color disappears. And along with the color, the nutrients go away (…) These nutrients are very important in the diet. If it’s lost its color, if it’s lost its smell, haven’t the nutrients gone too? That’s why you have to learn techniques to cook the vegetable with the least possible loss of nutrients”.

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