Sasha and her husband talk about the arrival of a child: “Xuxa is crazy”

Sasha delivered that presenter Xuxa wants to be a grandmother soon

Sasha and João Figueiredo have been together for a few years, with that, the star and her husband are increasingly being asked about an heir. During a recent participation in Rock In Rio, the musician gave some interviews and talked about the possibility of becoming a daddy soon, noting that Xuxa really wants to become a grandma.

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“It has been a dream of mine since before I met Sasha, to be a father. And hers too, of being a mother, since she was little. We really want to adopt. Let’s see how it goes. Both Xuxa and my parents are crazy about being grandparents”, commented João Figueiredo. The musician added, talking about the desire to build a family alongside Sasha: “I think that when you find someone you love, who loves you, you have a goal to build something together, you seek the same purposes… person and you have the blessing and support of your family, and she gives hers, I don’t think there’s any reason to, you know? All you have to do is join forces for a walk, for a journey.”

Although he got married early, João Figueiredo left the warning to the young people and advised them to wait to get married: “I think it’s a very personal decision. Nothing should be done thoughtlessly and emotionally. All of our choices, especially a marriage, which is something very serious, the start of a family, I think it has to be very targeted.”

“In my case, as a Christian, I’ve always sought God’s approval a lot about the things I do. I looked for that peace within me, in God, I feel it, she too”, concluded the musician, showing harmony with Sasha.

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Sasha Meneghel next to her husband, João Figueiredo (Photo: Disclosure)
Sasha Meneghel next to her husband, João Figueiredo (Photo: Disclosure)

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