Why Ivete Sangalo broke up with her deceased brother and scared

Ivete Sangalo broke up with her brother amid serious accusations

Ivete Sangalo it’s your brother Jesus Light, broke up for years after a disagreement and marked the music scene. The separation took place in 2011 and they spent almost 7 years without speaking and only got back together, due to family requests.

For those who don’t know, Jesus Luz was for many years a businessman and responsible for the successful career of Ivete Sangalo. To be aware, for more than 15 years Jesus defined almost everything regarding the singer’s career. And as you all know, her success was resounding.

And that partnership made them inseparable and then, came the year 2011, where they broke up suddenly and scared everyone. The singer never spoke publicly about the breakup, but it was notable that it was very painful and they both felt the pain.

Because of the breakup, Ivete Sangalo had to pay him a severance pay. And she even left it in the air that she discovered a diversion of money, according to an article in R7. But, in interviews, she avoided exposing this scandal and says that she ended the professional relationship because she wanted to take control of the business.

Ivete Sangalo and Jesus Luz (Photo: Reproduction)

In 2016, Jesus Luz went public to talk about the serious accusations of theft he was receiving and was hurt that Ivete Sangalo never defended him, since he highlighted that he had not stolen his sister.

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“If anyone goes on the web, they will find that I embezzled millions of reais in the company I was president. I did not give. This hurt me absurdly. Not only professionally, but psychologically. It was terrible for me. Terrible!” he said.

Two years after the declaration, Ivete Sangalo and Jesus reconnected at the request of the family. He was already in poor health and began to face the singer’s house once again. Even apart for the years, the singer did not fail to provide assistance to her brother. It is worth remembering that the businessman died in November 2019.

In interviews, Ivete Sangalo even talked about the breakup: “We never fought, we just stopped working together. There is a relationship discussion that he decided to make public. I respected that because everyone has their rights. It’s not because I’m a famous singer that only I have the right to speak. But I have absolutely nothing to say about my brother in public. Because whatever I have to resolve, I will resolve it personally with him. No one will change the fact that we are brothers.”

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