BBB 23 earns over R$ 1 billion before the premiere; understand

BBB 23 hasn’t even started, but it’s already been moving Globo’s coffers

Scheduled to launch next January, the BBB 23 has already been moving Globo’s backstage and the broadcaster’s economy. The reality show, which is one of the most followed attractions on Brazilian TV, will sell everything to earn big even before its debut, scheduled to take place in about five months.

In recent days, Vênus Platinada presented the program’s commercial plan to advertising agencies, and the values ​​left everyone impressed. Even before the premiere, the program promises to raise more than R$ 1 billion.

The BBB 23 package will have 12 fixed advertising quotas, which in turn will be divided into three modules. Of all, Cota Big is the most expensive, as it guarantees exposure from the beginning to the end of the program, in addition to insertions in the most watched programs on Globo and in the live broadcast of the reality on Multishow.

According to information from Notícias da TV, there will be three shareholders in this modality, where each will pay R$ 105.1 million. In Cota Camarote, the advertiser also appears on open TV, however, less often. In this module, each of the four spaces costs R$ 80.2 million.

Finally, Globo will make available the Cota Brother, a package that includes three commercial actions, a sponsored Bate e Volta event and a sponsored party. The investment of those interested comes out for R$ 15.6 million.

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BRL 1 billion

The amount of sponsorship will yield R$ 713.8 million to Globo’s coffers, which in addition to this profit, will earn a lot with the five-second top in two phases. For the first time, the broadcaster will leave a mark in the beginning to the middle of the program for R$ 37.2 million. From halfway through to the grand final, another brand will be chosen, this one paying R$37.5 million.

To close the income of more than R$ 1 billion even before the premiere, Globo will bet on quotas for any space in the house. In this way, Cota Beleza will be sold, for example, exclusively for makeup products, Cota Lavanderia, for a clothes washing product that appears alone and many others.

The revenue of this new bet of BBB 23, will guarantee the Platinum an incredible R$ 65.4 million. It is worth noting that the specific quotas, which already exist, must remain, that is, the profits may be even higher than what was analyzed.

GloboGlobo makes more than R$ 1 billion before the premiere of BBB23 (Reproduction: Gshow) increases the award of BBB23 (Reproduction: Gshow)
Globo makes more than R$ 1 billion before the premiere of BBB23 (Reproduction: Gshow)

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