Carmo Dalla Vecchia gets scolded by her husband after appearing in a skirt

Carmo Dalla Vechia is back in the spotlight because of the outfit she wore at Rock in Rio

Carmo Dalla Vecchia He is usually quite reserved when it comes to his personal life. However, in recent years the actor has allowed himself to talk more about his intimacy, including his relationship with João Emanuel Carneiroauthor of Globo soap operas.

So much so that during the night of this Friday, September 2, Carmo Dalla Vecchia was present at Rock in Rio and reported in a conversation with Viih Tube, who covers the event as a reporter for the Gshow, that her husband did not like him wearing a skirt.

“Before I left the house, my husband looked at me and said, ‘If you’re dressed like that, I won’t. Take off that skirt now.’ Then I said, ‘Calm down, love. I’m not going to change my clothes,’” Carmo Dalla Vecchia said. Curious, Viih Tube wanted to know if he had planned the look.

João Emanuel Carneiro and the heartthrob Carmo Dalla Vecchia (Photo: Edson Aipim/AgNews)

“I won [a saia] birthday two weeks ago. Five minutes before leaving, I was told I was late. Then I got the skirt and a black shirt, that’s what we have. I don’t think much about the look, I pick it up and come. I have several skirts”, revealed the handsome Globo actor.

He confessed that it was his first time at Rock in Rio. “I always wanted to watch. I came to live in Rio, and it never happened. Really, I’m a bit of a homebody guy. This is the first Rock in Rio I’m coming to. And I was lucky to catch Iron Maiden right off the bat,” he said.

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Carmo Dalla Vecchia also spoke of her 3-year-old son: “It’s been a very happy experience. All the fears I had were passing away in a toned down way. A very affectionate child, I think he has good parents, who give him a lot of affection, affection, comfort”.

Carmo Dalla Vecchia (Photo: Rafael Cusato/Quem)
Carmo Dalla Vecchia wore a skirt to Rock in Rio (Photo: Rafael Cusato/Quem)

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