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Carlos Alberto sees presenter take over and is shocked: “I am a fag”

The journalist, today from the Gazeta, was face to face with the comedian and made an unusual revelation

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega received none other than Leão Lobo at Pod É Nosso, which he presents with his wife, Renata Domingues, live on YouTube.

Among the various conversations, the owner of the Square wanted to know if the former SBT colleague receives many offenses or gets into trouble for spreading gossip of the famous.

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Leão confirmed that he receives it, but told a story, in a good-natured tone, despite the prejudiced nature. According to him, Xuxa Meneghel’s fans discovered his phone and started cursing tirelessly as a “faggot”.

This, of course, did not bother the communicator. He mocked the term to talk about his sexuality and left Carlos Alberto himself surprised by the revelation. “I’m a faggot,” he said.

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Carlos Alberto and Renata Domingues (Reproduction)

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Leão Lobo had an uncomfortable conversation with comedian Carlos Alberto and talked about his sexuality (Photo: Reproduction / Splash)

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The veteran, along with his partner, Renata Domingues, created a program on YouTube, where he has talked to several stars. Among them, Eliana, Patricia Abravanel and Celso Portiolli, who are her colleagues at SBT. The content, however, has not yet caught on.

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