What Silvio Santos said that made Carlos Alberto cry

Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega went to the Silvio Santos Program

Some weeks ago, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega went to the Silvio Santos Program, which was being presented by Patrícia Abravanel, and played in the Três Pistas Game with the singer Supla. But, before starting the joke, the comedian talked about what the owner of SBT did to him.

The presenter of A Praça é Nossa revealed that when he arrived at SBT, Silvio Santos went to his first program in the square. Patrícia then had moments from that day shown, and in the VT the owner of the trunk was praising Carlos Alberto and revealing that he had become one of the greats of humor and that he would have a success story on the channel.

Carlos Alberto then burst into tears and thanked the encouragement. As soon as the video stops being shown, Patricia Abravanel let the comedian comment on this moment. Then, the presenter highlighted that that moment was crucial for the career he created at SBT.

In addition, he made it clear that he has Silvio Santos as a great friend and said he loves him. In addition, he took the opportunity to emphasize that he believes in the legacy that Patrícia Abravanel is creating on the channel. A sure replacement for her father on SBT, she’s been groomed for years and seems to have found herself.

Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega and Silvio Santos (Photo: Disclosure/SBT)


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Carlos Alberto and Renata Domingues (Reproduction)

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In the last chapter of the soap opera, I had to enter and there was pressure. ‘It won’t go in’. Not Lima, he wanted to enter. To this day I don’t know why [Regina Casé teve preconceito] I was friends with her father,” he began.

And he continued, remembering the moment when he turned around and won Regina Cazé’s program.

“Once she made a comment when she was doing ‘A Praça’ here in São Paulo and I was winning her show. And she made a comment. ‘Losing is normal, it’s boring to lose to Praça’. I never said anything, I want her to be happy. Nothing against her. Tremendous actress, he was a good friend of her father, but he had a lot of prejudice”, he concluded.

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